Sunday, January 17, 2016

Week 66, December 21, 2015, Christmas!

How has your week been?
This week was really good! a lot happened.

You said it would be a very crazy week with lots of traveling.
it WAS!! 
Monday we had our P-day as usual, and Sister Polakoff and I got really cool lovelock stuff.  :)  I got a t-shirt.
Tuesday we went to Sparks (80 mins)  for the transfer meeting and my trainer meeting.  it was a different kind of transfer meeting, because all the missionaries going home left THAT MORNING instead of the following day.  it was still good though. then Sister Short and I drove back to Lovelock.
Wednesday was fun, because we got to do studies almost all day long, with personal study, companionship study, an extra hour for companionship study since I'm training, an hour of language study, and lunch, we didn't finish until 1:00
Thursday we had weekly planning, and then we went caroling with the youth in our ward.  we rode on a trailer and it was SUPER FUN!
Friday we drove all the way to Elko (3 hrs) and had a Christmas party!  Ely Elko and Winnemucca zones were all there.  it was the BEST!  we had a gift exchange, and played a lot of fun games.  then we drove ALL THE WAY BACK.
Saturday we drove BACK to Sparks for another meeting!
Sunday we had church, and then we went out and tried to contact a bunch of people

How is Sister Short?
she is awesome.  she is from TN  she is actually TALL. :)  

Did you get any snow?
we got a little bit of snow flurries!  it was super fun!

Who did you teach or visit this week?
we didn't have a lot of time to visit with people, but we had dinner with an investigator family who are hispanic, and it was super cool.  we watched the Christmas video with them, in spanish.  

MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!  dont forget about CHRIST this season!  

enjoy. :)

~Hermana Riddle

pictures next week!

ps. I dont go home until the week after march 15th.  I cant remeber if I told you that or not.  the church is changing the missionary MTC time, so all the missionaries coming in when I go home will be in the MTC 3 weeks effective March 1st.  so they are making a 7 week transfer, adn I go home a week later than I thought....

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