Saturday, January 16, 2016

Week 57, October 19, 2015, BAPTISM!

I hope your week has been going well!
it has! :)

Who got baptized this week?
a little boy named Vaughn.  his family are all members, but he is 9 so we taught him all that he needed to know about the Gospel.
We had a great baptism, and although there weren't many people there, Vaughn had a great experience. 

This week was a little hard, we were struggling to find people, and keep working, but Sister Polakoff is helping me to see what I can do to more fully rely on the Lord, and let HIM help me.  We just need to get out, and work hard, and PRAY.  Heavenly Father will help us with our challenges.
We had an Awesome miracle yesterday.  Spirit led lessons are great, especially when you are led to the person you need to teach!  We met this random lady, who had gone on a soul searching journey, and she was getting answers.  We really helped her.

This week is looking up.  We are finding new people, and going to contact a lot of potentials.   We gave talks in church, and we didn't even TRY to make them go together, but it was AWESOME.  Sister Polakoff talked about the blessings we get from opening our mouths, and I talked about Elder Bednar's talk from Oct 2014 about Wanting to share the gospel (come and see) the ward was super missionary mined for the rest of church, which was a great thing!  hopefully it will continually last!
Have a great week! I LOVE YOU!!

~Hermana Riddle
Vaughn's Baptism


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