Saturday, January 16, 2016

Week 62, November 25, 2015 LONG WEEK!

So a lot happened this week.
First of all, we love our zone.  The elders are hilarious. We had zone training and they were being so funny.  Half of them came in together.  
Tuesday night one of our members was telling us how the elders that used to be in Lovelock thought about helping them rake their leaves, because their yard is in the perfect position to street contact while working.  but the elders never did it.  so we DID!  Wednesday morning we spent 2 hours raking leaves.  it was AWESOME! 
On THURSDAY  we had a movie night at the church, where we watched "Meet the Mormons"  and THAT was awesome.  we had a GIANT popcorn machine, and made a bunch of popcorn, and had a great turn out, mostly because we planned it alongside the Young Men combined activity.  so all the youth were there. 
On Friday, we went around our area getting information on different people for our ward.  pretty much missionaries are kinda stalkers.  its pretty fun, and its for a righteous cause.   :)
Saturday, we decided that we should do service, so we got permission to walk around in jeans, and offer service.  so we borrowed a rake from our landlord, and we got to this one house that I had to rake the walkway just to get inside the gate, and the lady came out and said:
"are you gonna rake my leaves?"
"...can we?"
" you want to?"
" I have to pay you?"
"......I guess...."
so we raked her leaves!  it was awesome!  and then (because we only had one rake and Sister Polakoff was pushing the leaves with her hands) the husband came out with another rake for us to use.  then when we were done, the lady asked if we wanted to stay for dinner because they were having LOBSTER BISQUE!!!!! <# it was like a dream come true.  unfortunately we had to decline because we had a dinner, but it was OK, because we got to watch "Meet the Mormons" again with those members.
SUNDAY we had stake conference with Elder Foster of the 70n coming top speak with us (he spoke in conference about teaching our children, and how he interviewed with Pablo), and we got a ride from a super cool member who just told us a bunch of cool stories from her mission in Alaska.  it was really cool to hear.  we got to the meeting, and President and Sister Chesnut where there:
"sisters, you are doing a super awesome job in Lovelock"
"....thanks president..." "...we are trying..."
"well, do you want to meet Elder Foster?"
"....uhh..."  "...whaa?...."
"yeah he's right up there on the stand, lets go meet him!"
"Hello Elder Foster"
"Hello Sisters! I hear you are doing a great job in Lovelock."
"...oh, thanks!..." ".. we are working hard"\
so that was fun.  :D
I didn't email on MONDAY because we took a ROAD TRIP!  but I will write more about that on this Monday. this email is kinda long.
mmmm... leaves
~Hermana Riddle

super cool night sky
Giant Snickers

NV sunsets are the best

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