Saturday, January 16, 2016

Week 60 November 9, 2015 Derp Week

Hola Hermana Riddle!  I believe from what I have been reading, that it is transfer time again.  Is that right?  How are you doing?  Will you be staying in Lovelock, or on to a new adventure?  What about your companion?
How are you????  What’s been going on there?

It IS transfer time again.  #LONGEST AREA EVER #LOVELOCK
We are BOTH STAYING. #LongestEnglishCompanion

This week started out pretty great. District meeting was good, we went to sparks for Sister Polakoff's last doctor appointment (she has joint problems), then we got SICK. we were in pretty bad shape all week. first I was sick, then the second half of the time Sister Polakoff was sick because she caught what I had. we feel a whole lot better after those priesthood blessings last night. our Ward Mission Leader came over with his son Logan, and brought the Elders Quorum President. Logan was just there so they could come in, but it must have been a really cool experience for him to be able to see why having the Melchizedek priesthood is so important! Brother Murphy was voice for my blessing, and it was SHOCKING what he said. in a good way. I know that the Lord knows us personally and it was just another testimony at how true this church is, and the power of the priesthood. I know that the Lord is helping me to know more about my divine potential, and that I can work hard, and work with his spirit ALWAYS.

I am super excited for this transfer. I can't wait to work super hard again!
We also had a super cool regional tele-conference yesterday.  with a re-emphasis on SIMPLIFY, and the importance of MEMBER MISSIONARY WORK. #thankyouElderOAKS  


~Hermana Riddle

Also... I found my favorite Youtube Video....
fun with the DVD players.... :P :)
Ding-Dong chicken nugget.... Derp.

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