Saturday, January 16, 2016

Week 59, November 2, 2015, Sister Conference

What did you do for Halloween?
well, we actually just stayed in our house, and planned for the week.  it was pretty uneventful.  we didnt even get to go tho the trunk or treat, because we were in Sparks having Sister Conference.

2 Nephi 4:19 is my ponderize scripture for the week! :)

This past week was great.  we had a good meeting with our bishop, and his first counselor.  they gave us a bunch of names of people that we could go contact, and so we are working hard to contact those people.  We also have a great ward mission leader who is super willing to help us all the time, when he can.

I am excited for this week, and can't wait to see miracles happen here in Lovelock.  I hope to be able to do my best, in all things.  I know I need to rely on the Lord more, and I'm working on that.  I am so grateful for the Sister Conference we had, and for the BOOST it was able to give me.
it was SO much fun!  all the STL's (sister Training Leaders) gave training on the different rules and standards, we got to know each other, I brought my super cool sombrero that Brother Deleeuw gave me, we had lunch and dinner, we got a JEEP to come back to Lovelock with, because our other car was broken I guess. we got to stay with the chesnuts overnight because it was too far to drive.... it was just a great experience!

~Hermana Riddle
Sister Johnson!  I totally surprised her with my camera. :)  #sneaky
SUCH an awesome Sombrero.
The Chesnut's made us BREAKFAST

the Hermanas and President
you can never get a good group shot.  :) #ALLTHESISTERS

Vertical 9 Square!

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