Saturday, January 16, 2016

Week 61 November 16, 2015 LOTS of things

Como estas este dia?  Hope you have had a wonderful week!  How are you, and what has been happening?
~Today has been a good day.  its kinda cold, but not too bad.  we still need to wash and wax our car today for zone conference next week.  also, there's no snow yet.  its really weird to look at the mountains, and see where the snow just STOPS.  we are lower than 5000 ft so I'm not used to it.  we've been having an awesome week. we've been doing a lot of contacting referrals.  its been good.  we are able to invite people to a Meet the Mormons movie night we are going to have this week.

I’m sure it is hard to not get any response when you have such wonderful things to share.  How are you doing???
~sometimes it is, but its important to remember that the Lord is preparing people, and so we keep praying for them.  they will eventually know the truth of the message.  we have all been promised to know that Jesus Christ is the savior and redeemer of the world.

Do you already have plans for thanksgiving next week?  Are the members still doing well in feeding you? 
~YES!  there are some super nice members who are planning on feeding us for thanksgiving.  it should be a good time.  they always cook excellent food.
I may not be emailing next Monday.  if I don't, I will email Wednesday.  we are having a mission tour, and so we may be going to Elko to have a meeting with everyone on the east side of the mission.
also this transfer is only 5 weeks long, because of Christmas.  I forgot to mention that last week.  the church buys plane tickets for those going home at Christmas a week earlier, so we will have transfers again the week of the 15th. 
My ponderize scripture for the week is: Mosiah 11:26 Last week it was D&C 87:8
~Hermana Riddle
I made my companion happy while we were sick last week.
I forgot! it hailed one day this week.
sorry no pictures of me... next time!

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