Saturday, January 16, 2016

Week 55, October 5, 2015 LAST CONFERENCE

Where were you for conference?  Did you get to see it at someone’s home?  What was your favorite talk or theme?
How was your week?  And how is Sister Polokoff?  Tell me about her and where she is from.  Have you learned a good routine between the two of you?  I’m sure it is different with each companion you have.

Something I learned from General Conference is how I feel the spirit. I sometimes feel that I cannot determine if I feel the Spirit, if I don't have some sort of spiritual spike. I really liked what Henry B Eyring shared in his talk, that "you have felt the Spirit today." It helped me realize that as long as I am consciously trying to feel the spirit, I will know that it is there. I just need to work on always keeping that at the forefront of my mind.

I am so excited to be here in Lovelock with Sister Polakoff! She is super great. She is from Gilbert Arizona, and she is AWESOME.  We get along really well, and she has big plans for the area. I hope to be able to help her, and the area seems to be growing already! We haven't been able to teach too many lessons so far, but we are attacking the ward list, and contacting everyone on it, to make sure our records are up to date, and that we know the members, and they know us, and are more willing to help us. We already have had people sign up on our dinner calendar to have us in their home, even though they didnt sign up when it was passed around church.
I hoe you all enjoyed conference, and that you have a great week!  (if you haven't watched conference, watch it.  it was the best I've ever heard.  YOU are AMAZING!  The Lord loves you, and so do I.

~Hermana Riddle
All the places I love

Sister Polakoff and Me

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