Saturday, January 16, 2016

Week 54, September 28, MIRACLE WEEK

This week has been really good. we have been a little stressed out, but we are super excited for this NEW transfer.  We saw lots of miracles this week.  We were able to find one of our investigators and commit her to be baptized.  it was AWESOME.  we talked to her a little about the law of Chastity, to help keep her safe, and we were supposed to go teacha preach my gospel class, but the spirit told us that we needed to stay and talk with her, so we helped her to PRAY! OUT LOUD! and then we invited her to be baptised, and she said yes, once she learns more! it was A-MAZING

I am excited to be able to stay here and help her, as well as our other investigator, Vaughn, to be able to feel the spirit and keep working toward baptism, and that eternal glory that comes with enduring to the end.  I hope to be able to help Sister Polakoff work hard here, and see even more miracles, in all that we do.
oh yeah! TRANSFERS!
Sister Liddle is going to ELKO!  elko 2nd and YSA.  she will be with our STL, and another sister.  TRIO!  Sister Polakoff will be my companion here in Lovelock.  she was with Sister Liddle in the MTC.  I am really excited for what will come next!  sorry about the lack of pictures, I will send some next week, I promise!

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