Saturday, January 16, 2016

Week 58, October 26, 2015, Sister Conference

I had a really good week!  We had interviews this week and I was super grateful for our mission President's super positive attitude at interviews and I feel like I need to be more like that, ALL the time!  The Gospel should make us HAPPY! 

I am pumped for this area.  We haven't had a lot of investigators, but we have been working with a lot of active members and helping them to be able to do missionary work here in town.  I had a great time on exchanges in Sparks with Sister Kashow, but it kinda threw me off when I got back into Lovelock.  Sister Polakoff and I were both off on Saturday.  She's been kinda sick all week.  We also had to go to sparks for a Doctors appointment on Wednesday, so I have just been doing a lot of DRIVING. 

I hope that I can do better this week.  I think I just need to really buckle down and FOCUS  on what is the MOST important.  I know in my head that when I do, everything will fall into place, but my heart and mind just haven't quite caught up all the way.  Hopefully the sister conference will help clear my mind, and I will be able to do what HE needs me to do.

Oh yeah!  WE ARE HAVING A SISTER CONFERENCE!  All of the sisters in the mission are coming into sparks for a special all day meeting, and it should be really great!  I get to meet EVERYONE THAT I DONT KNOW.  which is a lot of people because more than 2/3 of our sisters have come in in the last 6 months that I havent been at the transfer meetings/ 
~Hermana Riddle
City Hall is prepped for Halloween!

Throwback!  #CarsonCity

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