Saturday, May 30, 2015

Week 36, May 25, 2015 TRANSFERS

yeah.  we got those last night.  Alfredo is super close to getting baptized.  the other day he told us he took off work on the 14 which is a Sunday, and then he asked if he could get baptized on the 13th.  IT WAS AWESOME!!!!  so we were starting to teach him all that.  then last night we got our transfer calls.  we are getting DOUBLE TRANSFERRED.  Sister Cordle is going to north Tahoe, so, if you want to go to Tahoe, you can.  I won't be there.  I'm going to be in Ely 2nd ward and the Eureka Branch.  #EASTSIDE!! :D  somewhere I thought I would never go!!! #Ely so I get to spend 5 hours on Wednesday siting in the transfer van.  the other Hermanas in the Rama Sierra are staying and taking over our area.  combining the two areas.  I'm also going back English, but our mission president told me that a general authority wants more Spanish missionaries on that half of the mission, so it is going to be a "Zebra area."  we will pretty much be speaking both. at least I will. It was a really intense experience yesterday.  I was not expecting this.  note to self, when transfer calls stress me out, I'm going to leave, even if I don't know it yet. ALWAYS LISTEN TO THE SPIRIT>  ALWAYS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! we thought for SURE I was staying.  so, I won't get to go to Alfredo's Baptism, but I'm happy.. I know the Lord needs me out in Ely.  I am not quite sure why yet, but I'll find out when I get there. #Ely 

~Hermana Riddle

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