Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Week 29, April 6, 2015 CONFERENCE 2

This week has been good.  It's still hard having to start up an area, but as we strive to find more people to teach in the different parts of our area, we are sure to be able to find people.  Especially when we have the faith, fasting and prayers of the mission behind our efforts.  They are doing this thing where one family is fasting from each ward in the WHOLE MISSION!  Hermana Cordle and I are really excited to get out this week and find people.  

We have already seen many miracles this week, such as an investigator at conference, and wanting to meet with us almost every day.  I know that he is gaining a greater view of the light of Christ because he is really reading the Book of Mormon.  I can see how powerful that is for him, as well as the hymns that truly touch his heart. Our Mission President encouraged a greater focus on the Book of Mormon last Zone Conference, and especially the first 15 chapters.  The WHOLE GOSPEL is basically in there!  I hope everyone will read the Book of Mormon, and gain that joy and Desire to keep learning.

"What did you do for Easter and conference?" "Where did you watch conference and how was your Easter Dinner?"

Well, Dinner was just a regular dinner, with a member.  I watched Conference in Spanish at the Stake Center on Golconda.  I LOVED IT!!!  I also thought it was funny how many of them were on Marriage. Thats icky.  However, There were so many Talks that really spoke to me.  I really liked Elder Holland's talk about how someone has made it so we dont have to be in a constant freefall. is this life pointless? NO!!!!!! Christ Suffered for each of us to overcome our fall.  WE WILL CONTINUE! NOT FALL!!!!

I hope everyone gets a chance to watch Conference this week.  It was really AMAZING.  My favorite session was..... Both Sunday Sessions.  and also Saturday Afternoon.... and morning... :P  ok just watch all of it please!!!!  its THE BEST!!!!!!!                                              but really.  watch it.

oh and this! watch this!!

~Hermana Riddle

ps. this is my favorite video, even before my mission.

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