Saturday, May 30, 2015

Week 35, May 18, 2015 The Lord Showers Blessings

This week has been really good.  We had a really high goal in our district.  150 Lessons!  Although our companionship did not reach the goal, we exceeded the goal for the zone that we set!  It was great, because we were able to talk with everyone and we set up a lot of appointments.  Tomorrow there is only 1 hour that is not set! We have a lot of new investigators and are working on more finding opportunities.  it was raining really hard (for Nevada) for most of the week, so a lot of times people weren't outside at ALL. but it was still really fun.

One bummer that happened this week, is that Kevin decided not to be baptized.  That was really hard.  We know how happy he would be if he did choose that.  But in the end, our purpose is only to invite others to come unto Christ, by helping him receive the restored Gospel.  We did that.  He has been taught all of the Gospel as given to us in Preach my Gospel. It is truly his decision what he wants to do with that information, but he is in the Lord's hands now.  we still pray for him and his family,that his family's heart will be softened and that he will be able to accept into his life what he KNOWS is the truth.  On a Brighter note, our investigator Alfredo is progressing really well.  He even came to Sacrament Meeting yesterday!!! :D  he's not quite ready for baptism yet, but it will happen soon.

I know that the Lord is preparing people.  I read Jacob 5 this week, and my mind was BLOWN with information.  if we prepare ourselves the Lord will fill us with knowledge. He is working on his vineyard on his own time, and we are just the servant, under his direction. it is a PRIVILEGE I have to be here helping Him.

Thank you all for everything.  I LOVE YOU!!!!
~Hermana Riddle

so all the pictures of me look HIDEOUS.  but the picture of my salad looks AWESOME.
Sister Hermansen makes me sound fat, but its mostly lettuce.

I held my arm too tight against my tag carrying my laundry.

Ice cream trucks are the BEST!

Our neighbors are members.

It Raines, a lot, and we weren't super prepared.  It was AWESOME.

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