Monday, May 25, 2015

Week 27, March 23, 2015 #GraciasaqueElVive

This week has been great. We have been able to talk to a lot of people this week.

We committed someone to baptism this week, which hasn't happened in the Sierra Branch, especially Reno Sur (South) for a long time.  It was AWESOME.  she is so cool, and wants to have the Gospel in her life.  We also went with the mini missionaries from Sparks, and they were a huge help in having a lot of lessons. While we were out with people, I met someone who is from Nogales, Sonora, Mexico!!  there was another guy who wanted us to visit him, because he really wants to stop smoking! The Lord truly prepares people to receive the Gospel when they are ready.

We are working hard to help people progress in the Gospel, which at times is difficult, but I know that as long as we simply invite people to make those changes in their lives, they will begin to see the truth that Jesus Christ lives and loves them.

I hope you all get a chance to see the new initiative the Church is putting out.  I know all the missionaries will. :) It is a great way to remember the Lord this Easter season!


~Hermana Riddle

Cool Picture!

Hermanas at the TEMPLE!!

a guy doing a crossword puzzle while driving!
WORLD MAP! for the Plan of Salvation
HOBBIT HOUSE!! in a member's BACKYARD!


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