Saturday, May 30, 2015

Week 30, April 13, 2015 FUN STUFF!!!

This week has been great.  I am doing AWESOME.  super pumped for this next transfer, because both Hermana Cordle and I are staying in South Reno!!  we are working really hard to get an escalator effect of teaching people in our area.  We are also focusing more on getting the Members to be more anxiously engaged in missionary work.  which will be exciting, because our super investigator, Alfredo, only knows so many people.  He is doing awesome! I love to see how the Book of Mormon is helping him in his life!

I am still really pumped about Conference! I can't wait for next months Ensign!  
Sorry I'm not writing much, the Computer is being spazy and deleting as I type!

cool quotes:
"Sin is the decision to trust more in Satan than in God. it is what puts us in an (enemyship) with our Heavenly Father" (enemistad in Spanish, I didnt know the exact translation)

OOH! speaking of translation, I helped translate Stake Conferece for the branch this week!!  I felt bad because one of the elders was going to do it for the whole 2 hours,m so I helped out! it was kinda scary because half the branch was there listening!
another cool quote!

"A letter from your premortal self might say: 'Dear me, I hope you will remember that my GREATEST DESIRE is to be a Disciple of JESUS CHRIST' "


~Hermana Riddle
FunRun for all the missionaries in Reno, Reno North and Sparks.  This is all the Spanish ones!

Our District!

Us and the Lakeside/ Skyline Sisters

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