Saturday, May 30, 2015

Week 34, May 11, 2015 MOTHERS DAY!

A LOT of stuff happened this week.
Monday we went shopping with the Sisters in our District.  it was pretty fun.
Tuesday after Zone Training we had Chipotle with most of our District, and taught a bunch of lessons with Hermana Torres.
Wednesday we had Zone Conference, so we had 4 hours of meetings with the Zappes the Hermansens, and the APs.  our whole district bore their testimonies, it was AWESOME.
Thursday we taught several lessons.
Friday we taught some really good lessons.
Saturday we walked around for several hours, and met some really cool people. no one was home though, so we ended up helping our Branch Presidente out with the Dia de los Madres party.  we missed a lot of the festivities because we had to go teach a lesson.
Sunday was kinda hard.  We got to Skype our families but it was a bummer because Kevin wants to postpone his baptism, because he doesn't feel he knows everything, even though all we have left to teach him is Endure to the End.  (we are teaching him later today).

I know this is the Lord work, and that He has a plan for each and every one of His children to be happy!  He knows what is best and He will do all in His power to help them WILLINGLY return to live with Him.(Good thing He's All-Powerful!! :D )

~Hermana Riddle
Mother's Day Skype (Mark is taking the picture)

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