Monday, August 31, 2015

Week 50, August 31, 2015 Stand with Him

#THROWBACK!  wow that was a lifetime ago. by the way, that's my blog~!
This week has been really good. we went on exchanges, so I got to be in Elko, for a day, and I drove a total of 4 hours over 2 days! Again! Sister Liddle got to say in Lovelock.
we are working hard to keep finding people to teach.  it is always an adventure.  I am starting to wonder how the next two weeks will go because BURNING MAN!  its 3 hours away in the middle of the desert, so we wont have to worry about it much, but its really funny to see all the vehicles.  we saw a rounded silver school bus the other day outside of Walmart in Winnemucca, from Colorado, and I laughed really hard.  I probably know what little mountain town they are from. :)
I am really excited to be working hard! I know that  the Lord will help us to succeed here in Lovelock, and all we have to do is rely on him, because he has already offered his help so many times, and he will never take that help away from us!

"It is not a question of if He will stand with us, it is: Will we stand with Him?"
I know that when we do stand with the Lord, that he will Never let us fall.  He will be there Forever! always making sure that if we desire, we can live in perfect happiness, with God, Jesus Christ, our Families, and everyone we love and care about!
~Hermana Riddle
Found this at the church

you know you are in a desert when...

small tomatoes

Week 49, August 24, 2015 Lovelock!

How is Lovelock?
Lovelock is good!  its the biggest town in the county, and we cover most of the county with our ward.  its a tiny little cute town.  smaller than Ely, but because its on a main highway, there are more things (actually about the same number of things)

How was your transfer experience?
well, on Monday we had to move the Elders into our house, adn the 4 of us into the house that only 2 elders were living in.  so that was kinda crazy.

I know it was a long van ride,
yes.  its was 3 hours that I drove, to Elko, then 5 hours to reno on the transfer van, then we spent the night, and it was another 2 hours back to lovelock!

and hopefully you made it without any incident.
yes, we made it safely. :)

How and whom is your new companion and area?
my companion is Sister Liddle, and EVERYONE loves our names together.  its pretty funny.  there is not a whole lot in most of the ward, because we are in the middle of a dessert, but I like town, its ADORABLE.  I'm excited to explore though.  I've only been here since Thursday and we did planning all day that day.

Where do you live and what is it like?
we live in an apartment, and its like most apartments.  little, but we try to keep it clean.  :)

How is the ward compared to other places you have been?
all of my areas have been very different, but I am starting to see that elements of all the wards I have served in kind of flow together.  its pretty cool, because tyou can see how the gospel really is the same everywhere

do you get to use your Spanish now again?
I use it now more than I did in Ely, but not very much still.

Does your companion speak Spanish or just English?
she just speaks english, but she is learning! :D
I got this quote today and thought I would share it because it is AWESOME!

"The Lord doesn't call the qualified, He qualifies the called."
I love you, and I hope to be able to have more stories this week.  :)  Burning man is coming up soon, so that should be an interesting experience. (that I am planning on staying VERY far away from)
~Hermana Riddle

The one stoplight in the county!

Week 48, August 17, 2015 LOVELOCK

hi everyone!

so remember 3 months ago when I  moved to the middle of nowhere, 3 hours from Elko, 4 hours from Vegas, 5 hours from Reno, and an hour from the Utah border?  well, I"M GETTING TRANSFERRED!!!  its a tiny little town, with more dirt roads, exactly between Fallon, and Winnemucca.  its about 1 hour to either one.

I"M SO EXCITED!!!! :DDDDD  its going to be an awesome new experience and I just want to get there!

my new companion will be Sister Liddle, so she will be sister and I will be Hermana.

other than that, this week has been pretty slow, but Myah, a little girl we have been teaching is going to get baptized this weekend!  We got to go to eureka once more, and that was good, and I am just really excited to be going to Lovelock.  I have served in almost all the zones in the mission now!

sorry I didn't send this out till late, we had to move all 4 sisters out of the apartment, because the Elders are moving in there, and Sister Paul, and Sister Teichert will be moving into another house.  Sister Wilkins is going to be STL in Carson City (totally called it. (: )

I'll let you know what happens next!
~Hermana Riddle

Week 47, August 10, 2015 STUDY STUDY!

Tell me about what you have been doing?
I have been doing a lot of STUDYING!  I am trying to read the whole Bible in a year, and its going very well!  I'm in Isaiah!

How has your week been?
this week has been really good. we had a lot of lessons, and met a lot of new people!

how are the lessons going?
they are going good.  we are trying to find people more consistently and help people to keep learning

Are you using any of your Spanish teaching?
not really.  there's very few people out here, and its really hard sometimes.

When are transfers?
Transfer calls are Sunday, so we will find out what is happening, and I will let you know next week!

Sorry I didnt talk much!  i'll try to have more stories next week!

the new mission Blog is:

~Hermana Riddle

ps. we have a Jeep now.

cool quotes at the drugstore!

Week 46, August 3, 2015 PRAY!

I hope that everyone's week went well.  :) 

we have some bugs in our house, so thats been an exciting adventure, but dont worry, I'm fine!  we went to eureka and had a really productive day! 
we had dinner there, and had dinner with the branch president. he said, oh well we were just in spanish fork, and I said, do you know my grandma? "who is your grandma?" "that awesome scouting lady, last name Riddle?"  WILMA?? YES!! OH YEAH I JUST GAVE HER A HUG ON SUNDAY!
it was super cool!

we did a lot of planning this week, to figure out more ways we can continue to help this ward, and the people we are working with!  we are hoping that this week will be better than the last!

Also, Sister Teichert showed me this really funny thing.  its so cool!

I CAN'T BELIEVE HOW MUCH I HAVE GROWN ON MY MISSION!  I hope that I will be able to continue to grow closer to the Lord.  JUST PRAY!!!!  He answers prayers!!

~Hermana Riddle

Week 45, July 27, 2015 FUN STUFF

How was your week?it was a good week.  we had a lot of time talking to one of our investigators who is going to get baptised!!

Was your conference with the president a meet-and-greet or something else? How were they?
we had interviews and they had dinner with us and the stake presidency. they are super nice.

How are you and sister Teichert working together?
we are working together really well.  we have awesome comp unity! we teach so well together.  I am so glad that we are able to work well together.  I hope we will be able to see so many more miracles.

Tell me about your apartment! Is it just the two of you or are there four?
There are still 4 of us.  Its awesome.  we enjoy being together, and we have a lot of fun.  when we see each other.

Elder Nieves wrote this for me:
"My week was so wonderful!! We saw so many miracles this week. We did dishes for three days straight! Oh my goodness it's so fun. I can't wait to be a housewife. 

We are choice companions! She is the best sister in the world. We like to take long walks on the beach. We like to..."

then I took the computer from him again.  it was really funny.

we did get to do service, and it was helping wash dishes.  we also got to get a pedicure today from one of our less actives.  she works at a nail salon. it was awesome.

~Hermana Riddle

Week 44, July 20, 2015 ROAD TRIP!!!

How has your week been?
its been good.  the weather has been nice too. little rain, but its needed here.  its a large farming community.

What has been happening in Ely this week?
What has your week been like?
How are you getting along?
its kindof a slow town, but this week was really good.  I did a LOT of driving.  we went on exchanges with the sisters in Elko this week.  it was Crazy!  I drove to Wells and back twice.  its 2 hours from ely to wells, with no stops, so 8 hours in 2 days.  I can totally roadtrip to utah from colorado. everytime we go on exchanges the area does SUPER AWESOMER than normal.  so we had a really good day.  I was with Sister Zollinger.  she is GREAT!

Do you get to do much service?
we do service pretty regularly.  this week we cleaned someones apartment.  they are trying to start moving, so we had a lot of work, but it didn't take too long. :)

I am realizing that I am becoming more missionary each day.  I am also noticing myself mature!  (sometimes... I mean, I'm still ME :D I haven't changed that much)  ALSO!! I forgot to mention last week that is been over a year since I got my call letter!!!  that is CRAZY!!! its been a YEAR!!!  no lo puedo creer!!

time flies by SO FAST!!!  I just cant believe it.  I hope that I can continue serving the Lord and completing my mission to its fullest!  

~Hermana Riddle

Week 43, July 13, 2015 Ely 2.0

How are you? 
I'm going great.  it is super nice here in Ely.  its been kinda rainy, but it hasn't been super hot, so thats nice.  I can feel myself coming closer and closer to the lord each day, and it is just AWESOME.  I can feel myself being changed spiritually, and it is an amazing experience.  

What happened with the transfers?
well, Sister Rogers finished her mission, so I was with Sister Wilkins for a few days and we both stayed in our areas in Ely.  Then Sister Teichert came in to the area with Sister Wilkins companion.  oh yeah and I'm driving this transfer, and am in charge of directing our companionship.

Did your companion arrive safely?
almost not,  they had a crazy experience.  they didn't realize that the loneliest highway had absolutely nothing, so they thought there would be one more stop to fill up, ran out of gas in the middle of nevada, then the GPS died, and after they got help, in Eureka their phone died too.  then I guess they were in a hail storm?  so they had a really exciting experience.  but they arrived safely.

Was the other one Sister Johnson?
no, her name is Sister Paul.  she is super cute.  she and Sister Wilkins are pretty much twins.  they are awesome. she is from Mesa Arizona.

Tell me about your companion?
Sister Teichert is really quiet.  she is from West Jordan Ut.  we get along pretty well so far, even though we are pretty much opposites.  we have had a few experiences working in super awesome unity, so that has been great.  she really helps me to fulfil my role as senior companion. i'm teaching her how to use hashtags.  and spanish. 

How is the work in Ely going?
the work is doing well.  we have a lot of people out of town right now because its summer, but we are working on finding new people.  we are going to get to know EVERYONE and help them to come closer to their heavenly father.

ALSO!! today, we had a fun p-day activity.  we went to the Ely old time coal train thing, and got to RIDE IT!!!! all the way to this little bandit town called keystone.  it was super FUN!  the coal wasn't burning hot enough at first though, and there was a lot of coal ash in the air.  it was crazy!

Sorry that was a lot.  a lot of stuff happened this week.

dont forget to read your scriptures!!

~Hermana Riddle

Going through a tunnel.  There's ash EVERYWHERE.

Me and Sister Teichert

Dirtbag the train cat.  He is supposed to be white.

Monday, July 6, 2015

Week 42, July 6, 2015 Transfers transfers.....

What's happening in Ely?
the work moves forth!!  we've had a lot of people out of town for the 4th, but we have still seen success this week.  we had our ward mission leader's son get baptized, and some of our investigators came to the baptism.  it was AWESOME.  they totally felt the spirit.  

Have you had any changes?
Sister Harris and Sister Rogers just left for home. the Elders in Lund are getting double transferred.  (one is also going home)  but I know both of the elders coming in.  Sister Wilkins and I are companions right now, so for the next 2 days we cover 2 wards in Ely.  She will be training, but we don't know WHO yet.  no one finds out until Tuesday night when they get here and are announced.  we don't even have pictures to GUESS!!!  but I think it will be Sister Johnson from home.  my new companion is Sister Teichert, but she wont be here until Wednesday.

Have you met the new Mission President and his wife?
yeah.  they are super cute.  Sister Chesnut is Adorable, and President Chesnut reminds me a Lot of President Hermansen, so I think it will be really awesome.  

Are you adjusting to the area and the wards there?
I like it a lot here.  its not too hot, like most other places, so that's SUPER nice.  I also got to conduct in Sacrament meeting yesterday, because the person who usually does it was gone, so now the whole ward knows me a little bit better.  its was so cool. one of the members who usually attends the ASL branch in St George, because he is deaf, bore his testimony and it was super cool to watch.  he is such an awesome kid!!  
What did you do for the Fourth?
we had a BBQ with some members at an investigators house.  and we got to watch the fireworks.  it wasn't very long, but it was so much fun!!

I LOVE YOU ALL!! thanks for all being awesome!!  

~Hermana Riddle

Week 41, June 29, 2015 THE ATONEMENT

This week has been GREAT!!! we have done a LOT of service, and have gained a lot of trust with our investigators.  we helped some investigators build a pen for their dogs, and we cleaned out someones trailer (they rented it out, and the people absolutely TRASHED it.)  it was a great experience, and I know I am learning a lot on my mission.  we are working hard with our investigators, helping them to see the importance of going to church.  we had a super ton of people there yesterday!  I know the Lord is working hard to help the people here in Ely.  I am really REALLY aware of the Atonement, and the Truth of the Gospel.  I see people, and they ask questions, and they argue science, and Disbelieve the DIVINE Purpose of our lives, and I just sit here, and LISTEN to both them, and the SPIRIT, testifying to me that THE CHURCH OF JESUS CHRIST OF LATTER DAY SAINTS is THE LORDS KINGDOM ON THE EARTH, and that JESUS IS THE CHRIST, SAVIOR AND REDEEMER OF THIS WORLD, and that he LOVES me, and YOU!!!!  he really loves you.  I can feel his love for you reading this right now.  I am so grateful to know that we can become clean of ANYTHING and EVERYTHING, and that THE SAVIOR WANTS TO FORGIVE.  I need a bigger font than just caps to express how much the savior LOVES YOU!!!!!!!!

~Hermana Riddle

Week 40, June 22, 2015 Eureka!

How are you?
I am going GREAT!!!  Ely is so amazing, and I feel like I am coming so much closer to my Heavenly Father and my Savior!!<3

whats been going on?
Well, we drove to Eureka this week.  it is 90 minutes west of Ely, on The Loneliest Highway in America.  Its such a tiny town out there, it must be hard for the church.  One of the ladies we talked to wants to go to the temple, but they don't even have a temple prep class.  There are some really strong members out there though, that were really helpful, since I had never been there before, and Sister Rogers had only been out there once.

How is the couple that you have been teaching?
They are doing good.  he was out of town this week, so we didn't get to see them very much, but we were able to explain to them a couple of chapters in the Book of Mormon, 1 Nephi 11-13

We got to see President and Sister Hermansen this week.  It is their "sprint to the finish"  and so they are touring the mission to see all the missionaries, and give everybody hugs.  its was really cool.  Also, Sister Willes, my companion in the Keystone ward is home, and so she was at our meeting with her dad, who is the first counselor in the stake presidency here in Ely.  It was weird.  But super AWESOME!

We just looked on, and I am the only one with my first name.  so that's super cool! is SUCH a cool website.  I hope if you haven't checked it out yet, I hope you will, it is AMAZING.

~Hermana Riddle

How grateful I am to my Heavenly Father that in His plan there are no true endings, only everlasting beginnings.
                       -President Dieter F. Uchtdorf


The Opera House

Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Week 39, June 15, 2015 LOTS of Things

This week has been great. We have had a lot of people open up to us more than they have before.  (doors AND hearts)  we have really been able to help them.  Church has been great.  we have several investigators.  we have a not married couple who we have almost daily contact with.  they are super cool.  they love to learn, and ask really great questions.  he has a lot of questions sometimes that he has trouble with, but has a hard time listening long enough to get his answers. "so when Jesus established his church, he taught about faith, repentance, baptism..."
"Jesus wasnt white.  he was middle eastern."
"we are not sure what he looked like, but its likely that..."
"why dont you say the lords prayer?" ...

so sometimes its hard to teach them, but they do want to learn.  they texted us today about how grateful they are and #blessed  it was COOL!!

another Highlight:

ALFREDO GOT BAPTISED!!!!!!! AAAHHHHH!!!! IT WAS GREAT!  well, when I found out.  I'm 6 hours away right now, so I couldn't be there, but I am so excited for him!! Hermano Agustin Baptized him. thats Hermano's Family, Presidente, and The Hermanas Christensen and Braithwaithe.

I Do TOO!!

"When we face seemingly insurmountable obstacles in the fulfillment of righteous responsibilities, we should remember that when we are involved in the work of the Lord, the obstacles before us are never as great as the power behind us.  We should reach out and climb.  Handholds will only be found by hands that are outstretched.  Footholds are only for feet that are on the move. — Elder Dallin H. Oaks, “Reach Out and Climb!” 
~Hermana Riddle

Week 38, June 8, 2015 Ely Week 2

How is Ely? How are things in your new area?

Ely is Great!  I am having a BLAST.  its so cute and little!  it is so much fun. it is a tiny little town though.

How is Sister Rogers?  Are you liking your new companion?

She is FUN!  she is from Jospeh City AZ  or, Radiator Springs,  like that town from cars.  its AWESOME.

Do you have some good investigators? How are the wards and the people?

There are not that many investigators, but there is a LOT of less active work.  we do have a few investigators though.  we teach a LOT of little kids.
“God is anxiously waiting for the chance to answer your prayers and fulfill your dreams, just as He always has,” "but he cannot if you do not PRAY and he cannot if you do not DREAM.  In short, he cannot if you do not BELIEVE."
I know you believe IN me, but dont you BELIEVE ME? ~Hank Smith, refering to Christ.

~Hermana Riddle

Monday, June 1, 2015

Week 37, June 1, 2015 ELY!!!

My Mom's Questions:
How is Ely?

How was your first week there?
I hope that you are adjusting to your new place.
Tell me about your companion? 
What is her name, where is she from...
How are the wards there?
I keep hearing great things about the area.
Are you mostly driving, walking, riding your bike????
My Answers:
Super Cute.  I thought I was going to Ely NV.  and I'm still in NV.  but Ely is in Utah.  its weird.  it reminds me of Salem UT.  like A LOT.
my first week was pretty good.  the transition from Spanish to English wasn't that bad this time.  the people here are interesting.  its a fun time! :)
I am adjusting well.  there are 4 of us in the house.  me, Sister Rogers, Sister Harris, and Sister Wilkins.  Sister Wilkins came out with me English! :)
my companion is Sister Rogers.  She is from a tiny town 1:30 away from Flagstaff Arizona. its called Joseph City.
there are 3 wards in Ely.  one in Mcgill.  and the eureka branch.  we haven't been out there yet.  but they are super tiny.  there's a lot of less actives.
this area is great.  I'm excited to be here.
I am mostly driving.  I'm not sure I'll ever ride my bike. :P

I am so excited to be here.  everyone already looks familiar.  I can't wait to find my purpose! :D  I can feel myself coming closer to the Lord.  I put on my hoodie today, and I didn't have too much of an emotional attachment to it.  I never thought that would happen.  its my C Hoodie.  o_O  its awesome though.  I love being focused on the Lord, and his work. :D  Have a good week everyone!!

~Hermana Riddle
Five Hour Drive!

Ely, Nevada

Sister Riddle and Sister Rogers

Saturday, May 30, 2015

Week 36, May 25, 2015 TRANSFERS

yeah.  we got those last night.  Alfredo is super close to getting baptized.  the other day he told us he took off work on the 14 which is a Sunday, and then he asked if he could get baptized on the 13th.  IT WAS AWESOME!!!!  so we were starting to teach him all that.  then last night we got our transfer calls.  we are getting DOUBLE TRANSFERRED.  Sister Cordle is going to north Tahoe, so, if you want to go to Tahoe, you can.  I won't be there.  I'm going to be in Ely 2nd ward and the Eureka Branch.  #EASTSIDE!! :D  somewhere I thought I would never go!!! #Ely so I get to spend 5 hours on Wednesday siting in the transfer van.  the other Hermanas in the Rama Sierra are staying and taking over our area.  combining the two areas.  I'm also going back English, but our mission president told me that a general authority wants more Spanish missionaries on that half of the mission, so it is going to be a "Zebra area."  we will pretty much be speaking both. at least I will. It was a really intense experience yesterday.  I was not expecting this.  note to self, when transfer calls stress me out, I'm going to leave, even if I don't know it yet. ALWAYS LISTEN TO THE SPIRIT>  ALWAYS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! we thought for SURE I was staying.  so, I won't get to go to Alfredo's Baptism, but I'm happy.. I know the Lord needs me out in Ely.  I am not quite sure why yet, but I'll find out when I get there. #Ely 

~Hermana Riddle

Week 35, May 18, 2015 The Lord Showers Blessings

This week has been really good.  We had a really high goal in our district.  150 Lessons!  Although our companionship did not reach the goal, we exceeded the goal for the zone that we set!  It was great, because we were able to talk with everyone and we set up a lot of appointments.  Tomorrow there is only 1 hour that is not set! We have a lot of new investigators and are working on more finding opportunities.  it was raining really hard (for Nevada) for most of the week, so a lot of times people weren't outside at ALL. but it was still really fun.

One bummer that happened this week, is that Kevin decided not to be baptized.  That was really hard.  We know how happy he would be if he did choose that.  But in the end, our purpose is only to invite others to come unto Christ, by helping him receive the restored Gospel.  We did that.  He has been taught all of the Gospel as given to us in Preach my Gospel. It is truly his decision what he wants to do with that information, but he is in the Lord's hands now.  we still pray for him and his family,that his family's heart will be softened and that he will be able to accept into his life what he KNOWS is the truth.  On a Brighter note, our investigator Alfredo is progressing really well.  He even came to Sacrament Meeting yesterday!!! :D  he's not quite ready for baptism yet, but it will happen soon.

I know that the Lord is preparing people.  I read Jacob 5 this week, and my mind was BLOWN with information.  if we prepare ourselves the Lord will fill us with knowledge. He is working on his vineyard on his own time, and we are just the servant, under his direction. it is a PRIVILEGE I have to be here helping Him.

Thank you all for everything.  I LOVE YOU!!!!
~Hermana Riddle

so all the pictures of me look HIDEOUS.  but the picture of my salad looks AWESOME.
Sister Hermansen makes me sound fat, but its mostly lettuce.

I held my arm too tight against my tag carrying my laundry.

Ice cream trucks are the BEST!

Our neighbors are members.

It Raines, a lot, and we weren't super prepared.  It was AWESOME.

Week 34, May 11, 2015 MOTHERS DAY!

A LOT of stuff happened this week.
Monday we went shopping with the Sisters in our District.  it was pretty fun.
Tuesday after Zone Training we had Chipotle with most of our District, and taught a bunch of lessons with Hermana Torres.
Wednesday we had Zone Conference, so we had 4 hours of meetings with the Zappes the Hermansens, and the APs.  our whole district bore their testimonies, it was AWESOME.
Thursday we taught several lessons.
Friday we taught some really good lessons.
Saturday we walked around for several hours, and met some really cool people. no one was home though, so we ended up helping our Branch Presidente out with the Dia de los Madres party.  we missed a lot of the festivities because we had to go teach a lesson.
Sunday was kinda hard.  We got to Skype our families but it was a bummer because Kevin wants to postpone his baptism, because he doesn't feel he knows everything, even though all we have left to teach him is Endure to the End.  (we are teaching him later today).

I know this is the Lord work, and that He has a plan for each and every one of His children to be happy!  He knows what is best and He will do all in His power to help them WILLINGLY return to live with Him.(Good thing He's All-Powerful!! :D )

~Hermana Riddle
Mother's Day Skype (Mark is taking the picture)

Week 33, May 4, 2015 BIG WEEK

This week has been awesome.  We were able to see sop many miracles, and our area is building up.  We have been able to find several new investigators, and 2 of them are being taught and have accepted baptism.  Also, one of our investigators we have been working with for a long time (since August) kind of stopped progressing.  We weren't really sure what to do to help him, so we just started teaching his whole family.  On Friday, our investigator Kevin was talking to his friend who went with some of the elders in our zone for the mini mission, and is waiting on his papers.  We got a text from Kevin saying that he wanted to get baptized! It was a great miracle.  We followed up with him the next day (because it was late) and he wants to get baptized on the 16th!!!

We also had a specialized training with our whole mission (in thirds)  so we went to Carson City, and Fallon came too.  We got little black boxes installed in our cars.  They monitor our every move, bump, speed, seat belts.  It seemed pretty horrible, but so far, its only had to tell us to slow down once (even though we were going the speed limit and there were no other signs :P ).  Our mission president also talked to us about the importance of going to church, and how important the church experience is for EVERYONE.  Two great quotes were:  "What is said is hardly relevant to what is felt." and "We must give our sabbath day to the Lord. 6 days with Him on our side is much better than 7 days without Him."  I know that with this new push on the importance of church will allow us to see even more miracles!

~Hermana Riddle

"Don’t you quit. You keep walking. You keep trying. There is help and happiness ahead.Some blessings come soon, some come late, and some don’t come until heaven; but for those who embrace the gospel of Jesus Christ, they come." Jeffrey R Holland
I have seen this on my mission.

Week 32, April 27, 2015 Gloriosa es!


This week has been really GREAT.  We went on exchanges with the sister training leaders, and Sister Simmons came down to our area with me. I learned a lot.  We were really striving to talk with everyone, and right when we went out, there were so many people walking, it was GREAT!  We ended up finding 7 new investigators, and we had Hermana (I don't know what sister is in french) Torres with us, (she is going to serve her mission in Montreal Canada.  It was so cool, we got to see her open her call, and I remembered when I got my call! that was forever ago!), but some of those lessons turned into member present lessons!  

I have really learned the importance of working with members an talking to everyone this week.  We have also been able to see so many MIRACLES! I know the Lord has blessed us with this month long initiative of fasting and praying for missionary opportunities.  I know that as we continue to work in the service of our God, it will be amazing!! or even better GLORIOUS!!

Sister Cordle and I bought Meet the Morrmons last week, and we have already watched it more than 10 times.  its GREAT!! Elder Archuleta slaps people with the spirit with his voice.  EVEN IN SPANISH!!

Meet the Mormons is my FAVORITE MOVIE<3  and I know it sounds crazy, but I like it even more than the shows I watched before my mission.   

We had Mini Missions this week too!  those are cool.  Its where youth 16-18 are assigned to go out with the missionaries for the whole day.  They came with us on Sunday and it was really cool to see them learning Spanish!

Thank you for everything!

~Hermana Riddle
Cool things at the LDS Bookstore here in Reno

Mini Missions!

Week 31, April 20, 2015 El Libro De Mormon

This week was great.  We have been able to see how much the Book of Mormon is affecting our investigators positively!!  It is amazing to see the Spirit working in them and helping them to be closer to Christ.  Yesterday we read 1 Nephi 3 with our investigators, and when we explained verse 7 to them, Aida, who is 13 took out a pen and underlined it!!! Her Mom is always telling us how CLEAR the Book of Mormon is, and how, sometimes you read the Bible and then you're like: wait.... what just happened? what did I just read???  its AWESOME!!

We have still been working on finding new people to teach.  We are working even harder to do that.  There is just so much area in our area, we are not sure where exactly to look, but we know that the Lord will direct our efforts to be able to help the people here in Reno Sur.


~Hermana Riddle

#GraciasaqueÉlVive podemos ser feliz.  

Se Feliz.


Week 30, April 13, 2015 FUN STUFF!!!

This week has been great.  I am doing AWESOME.  super pumped for this next transfer, because both Hermana Cordle and I are staying in South Reno!!  we are working really hard to get an escalator effect of teaching people in our area.  We are also focusing more on getting the Members to be more anxiously engaged in missionary work.  which will be exciting, because our super investigator, Alfredo, only knows so many people.  He is doing awesome! I love to see how the Book of Mormon is helping him in his life!

I am still really pumped about Conference! I can't wait for next months Ensign!  
Sorry I'm not writing much, the Computer is being spazy and deleting as I type!

cool quotes:
"Sin is the decision to trust more in Satan than in God. it is what puts us in an (enemyship) with our Heavenly Father" (enemistad in Spanish, I didnt know the exact translation)

OOH! speaking of translation, I helped translate Stake Conferece for the branch this week!!  I felt bad because one of the elders was going to do it for the whole 2 hours,m so I helped out! it was kinda scary because half the branch was there listening!
another cool quote!

"A letter from your premortal self might say: 'Dear me, I hope you will remember that my GREATEST DESIRE is to be a Disciple of JESUS CHRIST' "


~Hermana Riddle
FunRun for all the missionaries in Reno, Reno North and Sparks.  This is all the Spanish ones!

Our District!

Us and the Lakeside/ Skyline Sisters

Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Week 29, April 6, 2015 CONFERENCE 2

This week has been good.  It's still hard having to start up an area, but as we strive to find more people to teach in the different parts of our area, we are sure to be able to find people.  Especially when we have the faith, fasting and prayers of the mission behind our efforts.  They are doing this thing where one family is fasting from each ward in the WHOLE MISSION!  Hermana Cordle and I are really excited to get out this week and find people.  

We have already seen many miracles this week, such as an investigator at conference, and wanting to meet with us almost every day.  I know that he is gaining a greater view of the light of Christ because he is really reading the Book of Mormon.  I can see how powerful that is for him, as well as the hymns that truly touch his heart. Our Mission President encouraged a greater focus on the Book of Mormon last Zone Conference, and especially the first 15 chapters.  The WHOLE GOSPEL is basically in there!  I hope everyone will read the Book of Mormon, and gain that joy and Desire to keep learning.

"What did you do for Easter and conference?" "Where did you watch conference and how was your Easter Dinner?"

Well, Dinner was just a regular dinner, with a member.  I watched Conference in Spanish at the Stake Center on Golconda.  I LOVED IT!!!  I also thought it was funny how many of them were on Marriage. Thats icky.  However, There were so many Talks that really spoke to me.  I really liked Elder Holland's talk about how someone has made it so we dont have to be in a constant freefall. is this life pointless? NO!!!!!! Christ Suffered for each of us to overcome our fall.  WE WILL CONTINUE! NOT FALL!!!!

I hope everyone gets a chance to watch Conference this week.  It was really AMAZING.  My favorite session was..... Both Sunday Sessions.  and also Saturday Afternoon.... and morning... :P  ok just watch all of it please!!!!  its THE BEST!!!!!!!                                              but really.  watch it.

oh and this! watch this!!

~Hermana Riddle

ps. this is my favorite video, even before my mission.

Monday, May 25, 2015

Week 28, March 30, 2015 Change of Area

This week, our Mission President decided to change the boundaries for the missionary companionships that are in the Spanish Branch, so that the areas conform to the ward boundaries.  that way we can more effectively work with the other missionaries and the office.  it was an interesting experience, since one of the wards we split in half, due to the number of Hispanics, and we had to give that part up.  it was a sacrifice that we were willing to make in order to help the other missionaries in the area.  I know that the Lord will help us to find new people.  we have a new investigator from Guatemala from this area who really wants to meet with us so that she can learn English. It is a great opportunity to help her learn the Gospel!!!

I hope you all take the chance this week to remember that it is la Semana Santa, that Jesus Christ did everything he could possibly do just for YOU so that YOU could have ETERNAL LIFE.  the FULNESS OF JOY that our Heavenly Father could give us.

~Hermana Riddle

Week 27, March 23, 2015 #GraciasaqueElVive

This week has been great. We have been able to talk to a lot of people this week.

We committed someone to baptism this week, which hasn't happened in the Sierra Branch, especially Reno Sur (South) for a long time.  It was AWESOME.  she is so cool, and wants to have the Gospel in her life.  We also went with the mini missionaries from Sparks, and they were a huge help in having a lot of lessons. While we were out with people, I met someone who is from Nogales, Sonora, Mexico!!  there was another guy who wanted us to visit him, because he really wants to stop smoking! The Lord truly prepares people to receive the Gospel when they are ready.

We are working hard to help people progress in the Gospel, which at times is difficult, but I know that as long as we simply invite people to make those changes in their lives, they will begin to see the truth that Jesus Christ lives and loves them.

I hope you all get a chance to see the new initiative the Church is putting out.  I know all the missionaries will. :) It is a great way to remember the Lord this Easter season!


~Hermana Riddle

Cool Picture!

Hermanas at the TEMPLE!!

a guy doing a crossword puzzle while driving!
WORLD MAP! for the Plan of Salvation
HOBBIT HOUSE!! in a member's BACKYARD!


Week 26, March 16, 2015 TIME FLIES

I still feel like its November...

This week I was a little bit under the weather, but only at the end of the week.  It was a huge head cold, but we continued forward when we had set lessons, so we were able to teach still.  we could have been more effective, but it was still good, because we had members with us to help us teach.  it was also good, because we were able to more fully establish the area, with maps, and planning who to see, and we prepared to have a REALLY great week this week. 
The 8 missionaries in the Branch got to sing in Sacrament Meeting yesterday.  We sang Yo Trato de Ser Como Cristo.  it was really cool.  It was some sort of conference, where the Stake leaders spoke, and they spoke in english, so they had to break out the translation.  I'm just glad we weren't in charge of setting it all up like we were in Carson. 

We had a movie night with the Branch last night and we got to watch the Saratov Approach (with permission from President Hermansen).  Our investigator cried.  I cried... again. The spirit in that movie is greater than I thought.  I am so blessed to be able to be serving the Lord.  I was really motivated to work even harder after watching it!!! :D

our zone goes to the TEMPLE tomorrow!!! so that will be awesome.  It is always such an amazing experience to be in the house of the Lord, and feel such peace.  :)

Thanks everyone for all that you do, and I hope that you have a wonderful week.  :) 
~Hermana Riddle

Week 25, March 9, 2015 SPANISH AGAIN!

I have been having a great time on my mission.  My companion is Hermana Cordle.  she is from Juneau Alaska.  She is working hard on learning Spanish.  This area is HUGE.  We cover most of Washoe County.  this branch is awesome.  there were about 75 people there yesterday.  I am so grateful to be back in spanish.  my last area was a great experience, learning to preach the gospel in english.  its a hard transition between the two though.  its like i'm 2 different people!  we are working hard to build up the area.  and finding people to teach.  the other day we committed someone to baptism, but not with a date.  another investigator, we were teaching the gospel of jesus christ and he wanted to know about tithing. :P sometimes people are funny.  they forget that the gospel must be learned line upon line, precept upon precept.

Anyway, I hope you all have a great week this week, and dont forget to PRAY!!!!!


~Hermana Riddle

Week 24, March 2, 2015 so... It's March

Yes.  MARCH.  that means I've been on my mission for 6 months tomorrow.  THAT'S CRAZYTALK.
I have spent half of my mission so far in a Spanish area, and the other half in an English area.  and now its transfers......
I'm going to South Reno, the Sierra Spanish Branch with Hermana Cordle.
I can't believe I've been out for this long.  I am so excited to see what the next YEAR has for me, and each of you.  I will change so much in the next 365 days, and I continually rely on my savior to help me through challenges that I face in my life on my mission.  I cannot even begin to describe the amazing things that I have seen so far.  I hope each and every one of you will take the opportunity to grow closer to your heavenly father.  build that personal relationship with him, and just look around at all the things he has done to bless your life.
I know that Jesus Christ is our Savior, and that the Book of Mormon is the Word of God.
I love you!!!!!
~Hermana Riddle