Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Week 71, January 25, 2016, Teach People and Baptize Converts

How are you?
I'm doing really good! :)

What happened this week?
well, we had a really cool worldwide missionary broadcast at 10am MST on Wednesday.  Missionaries in Hawaii were watching it at 7am, and missionaries in Finland were watching it at 7 pm.  All the missionaries in between were watching it live in their own time zones, and everyone else watched it when they woke up.  IT WAS SO COOL!  it was in a part of the conference center, but also showed clips of a training given by different members of the Church Missionary Department to a group of missionaries serving in Ogden I think.  I learned so much!  

How has the weather been?its been good, not as cold, so that's nice, and its getting lighter at night all the sudden, so that's also a plus.  it means we can be more productive during the night hours.

How are you and Sister Short doing?
we are doing pretty good.  we are definitely learning a lot from one another, and growing closer to our Heavenly Father, and our Savior.  We are also slowly becoming more unified in all that we do. 

How is the work?
the work is going good!  we are working on teaching more people.  one of the focus points of the Broadcast was FINDING, and the different ways that we as missionaries can go about doing that, and how we can make those ways more effective.  things like working with less active members and part-member families, working with members, and asking everyone "whom do you know..." questions to help hasten this work.

What is your goal for this week?
I am really excited to be able to apply the commitment pattern with people.  I've been saying all week that whenever the Lord asks us to do something, he ALWAYS promises us blessings.  That was one of the trainings from the broadcast, so its something really important that I need to get better at doing.  especially since it is an entire chapter of PMG!

Any travel happening this week?
there was more travel last week, with 2 trips to Winnemucca and a trip to Reno and back.  This week we are just going to Winnemucca, and out to Unionville, which is a tiny little town that is part of our area.

This week should be pretty good!  I am excited to see what miracles will happen as we plan for them and strive to achieve them!

~Hermana Riddle

Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Week 70, January 18, 2016, Hello Everyone!

We played card games with the Elders on a p-day
Nevada's state song.  (its TRUE!!)
Reno was super snowy after the exchange!


This is a link to an AMAZING talk that I read earlier this week! you should read it!  its not too long.

Sister Anderson and I had fun on exchanges!

This week has been really good.  We only taught a few lessons, but the few that we have taught were AWESOME!!!  we were able to watch Mountain of the Lord with our ward mission leader's family, and his inlaws.  the father in law is not a member, so that was really cool to be able to help them grow a littl ebit closer to heavenly father.  we didnt do as much Driving this week, but we did spend a lot of time in meetings.  we had interviews withour mission President, and that went really well.  not much else happened this week, I'm sorry to say, but I did promise pictures, so I will send those!


~Hermana Riddle

PS. I'm SUPER EXCITED for the new Provo City Center Temple.  The video that they have makes it look SO PRETTY!!!
Getting ready to meet Elder Robbins!

Sunday, January 17, 2016

Week 69, January 11, 2016, 12 Hours of Long-Distance Driving!


This week was really good.  we had an awesome time with our zone last Monday, an hour away in Winnemucca.  we went back up on Tuesday for our weekly meeting. when we got home, the Sisters came in from Reno for Exchanges, Sister Anderson and I had a really good time.  we taught this guy the missionaries hadn't met with in a really long time.  He says he is not too interested, but he is definitely being prepared by the Lord.  Wednesday I drove with Sister Anderson BACK to Reno (exchanges are only 24 hours long)  and I got to see the Reno I know and LOVE!!!  then Sister Short and I drove back to Lovelock.  There was a super nice "Jack-Mormon" at the gas station in Fernley.  I hope talking with us will help him on his way in life.  then we had really busy planning day Thursday.  Friday was also really good, we were able to teach a great lesson as a dinner thought to some semi-active members, and I got a lot more out of Alma 8 than what I intended to share as the message.  Saturday we went on a Road Trip to Elko.  Elder Robbins came and spoke to us.  we make an east side Choir, and I got to be a part of that.  it was super fun.  then Elder Robbins talked to us about his devotional talk "Tasting the Light"  it was REALLY good.  May 2015 young adult devotional.  He also said talking about iPads: "I have NO idea when that will happen"  so that was reassuring.  another focus of his talk was about charity and really loving those around us.  ("love is a verb.  an expression of our behavior to others based on commitment" something like that.) Then we drove to Battle Mountain, and had dinner as a zone.  after that, we drove back to Lovelock, and it was only snowy starting when we hit Winnemucca.  the Assistants to the President were behind us so that was cool.  On Sunday, we were able to get lunch with some members super late notice, and then another member called us when we were done and needed a Spanish Book of Mormon, so we got it to him, and he had us visit with a Peruvian guy named Elmer (yes, his name was Elmer) and we taught him about the Book of Mormon.  it was a really good week! :)

I hope you week goes well!  REMEMBER!  your father in heaven LOVES YOU and wants you to succeed.

~Hermana Riddle

Week 68, January 4, 2016, HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!

Hi Everyone!!! 

this week was good.  I saw a miracle this week:

So that was pretty awesome.  it was kinda a slow week.  its hard when everyone else is still winding down from all the holiday stuff, but we were able to still have some good visits.  There is an older lady in the ward who's memory is going, and she really wants to remember to read her scriptures, so we went over this week, and read them with her.  she marks a LOT!  I was reading a talk today about marking scriptures.  ITS PERSONAL REVELATION!  if you have an Aha moment, something makes sense or stands out to you, that it revelation from the Spirit.

I have really learned the importance of taking time out of your day for others.  there are SO MANY people here who are just LONELY.  if we would all just take a little time out of our "busy" schedules, we would really just re-prioritize and reach out to those around us more, and we would all be so much happier.  (its funny though, even the lonely people think that they are too "busy" to be visited)

we have been helping a member get to the temple!  her husband is not a member, so we are trying to teach them both, but is been interesting to watch his gradual progression as his wife prepares, and as he sees that soon she can go, but he won't be able to join her.  hopefully that might change his mind and soften his heart a little more to the joy of the temple.

we were inside new years eve, which was good, and it was nice, because it wasn't loud or anything.

Sister Short and I got to bear our testimonies on Sunday, and we also were able to participate in the 12-13 year old Sunday school class.  it was super fun to be around the youth.  its fun to think about how they will grow, and how strong their testimonies can become.

I hope you all have a great week, and a good start back into normal life.  we get to drive all around again this week, for exchanges, and going to Elko to meet with Elder Lynn G Robbins, from the
Presidency of the Quorum of the 70.  it should be a great week!

~Hermana Riddle


good morning snow... why are you INSIDE our house?  is it too cold outside?

Week 67, December 28, 2015 MIRACLES and Christmas (AGAIN)!

Hi Everyone!

This week went well. It was hard to get in with people because of Christmas, but it was a good week to get to know my companion. We are also working on ways that we can involve the members more in missionary work here in the ward.

Its been interesting being companions with Sister Short. I feel like she is learning a lot and she is improving as a missionary. I am working on improving myself to be a better companion for her, but I also feel like my whole mission has been leading up to being able to help her, and being in Lovelock. its a weird but cool feeling.
IT WAS CHRISTMAS THIS WEEK!!!!!!!  I got to Skype with my family, and it was AWEOSME!  my little brother's voice has been changing so it was REALLY funny.  we also got to watch some G rated movies!  Bambi 2 is my FAVORITE!!! its the BEST sequel movie I've seen in a LONG time. (and not just because I'm a missionary)  

We did have a really great SPIRITUAL experience this week. We had forgotten to text everyone Merry Christmas, so we decided to text them the next day, and we shared 2 Nephi 31:20, and applied it to the new year and making sure we stay focused on Christ. Then on that Sunday we found a January New Era in the library, and found out that scripture is the 2016 mutual theme! It was amazing. I know the Spirit guides us if we let him.

~Hermana Riddle

Week 66, December 21, 2015, Christmas!

How has your week been?
This week was really good! a lot happened.

You said it would be a very crazy week with lots of traveling.
it WAS!! 
Monday we had our P-day as usual, and Sister Polakoff and I got really cool lovelock stuff.  :)  I got a t-shirt.
Tuesday we went to Sparks (80 mins)  for the transfer meeting and my trainer meeting.  it was a different kind of transfer meeting, because all the missionaries going home left THAT MORNING instead of the following day.  it was still good though. then Sister Short and I drove back to Lovelock.
Wednesday was fun, because we got to do studies almost all day long, with personal study, companionship study, an extra hour for companionship study since I'm training, an hour of language study, and lunch, we didn't finish until 1:00
Thursday we had weekly planning, and then we went caroling with the youth in our ward.  we rode on a trailer and it was SUPER FUN!
Friday we drove all the way to Elko (3 hrs) and had a Christmas party!  Ely Elko and Winnemucca zones were all there.  it was the BEST!  we had a gift exchange, and played a lot of fun games.  then we drove ALL THE WAY BACK.
Saturday we drove BACK to Sparks for another meeting!
Sunday we had church, and then we went out and tried to contact a bunch of people

How is Sister Short?
she is awesome.  she is from TN  she is actually TALL. :)  

Did you get any snow?
we got a little bit of snow flurries!  it was super fun!

Who did you teach or visit this week?
we didn't have a lot of time to visit with people, but we had dinner with an investigator family who are hispanic, and it was super cool.  we watched the Christmas video with them, in spanish.  

MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!  dont forget about CHRIST this season!  

enjoy. :)

~Hermana Riddle

pictures next week!

ps. I dont go home until the week after march 15th.  I cant remeber if I told you that or not.  the church is changing the missionary MTC time, so all the missionaries coming in when I go home will be in the MTC 3 weeks effective March 1st.  so they are making a 7 week transfer, adn I go home a week later than I thought....

week 65, December 14, TRANSFERS!


so transfers.  bet you all thought this was coming next week!

Sister Polakoff is going to her favorite place in the mission: ELY 3RD WARD!  and EUREKA!
I am STAYING IN LOVELOCK!  Sister Short is my new companion, and I will be finishing her training.  I am SO EXCITED! 

This week has been ok. Sister Polakoff was still a little under the weather, so we weren't able to do as much work as we would have hoped, but I am super excited for this next transfer!
this week is going to be interesting though... we are going to ROAD TRIP AGAIN!!!  :D 
Sparks tomorrow, for the transfer meeting, Elko Friday for a Christmas Party on the east side (everyone leaving the winnemucca zone is going to be there, because they are moving east.  its pretty great).  then BACK TO SPARKS for another training meeting on Saturday :/
Oh! I already know Sister Short a little, because we have gone on exchanges together!  and on Tuesday, she and Sister Kashow (our STL) came to Zone training, so that was super fun!  Sister Short already knows most of the Zone! :)
More details next week!
CHRISTMAS! (city hall used to be our church building.  can you tell?)

#ASaviorIsBorn christmas.mormon.org has 2 cool videos you can watch!
Sister Short and I are on the Ends!

IT RAINED!  just a little, but it was SUPER WINDY!

Week 64, December 7, 2015, Miracles await!

How has your week been, and what are your plans for this new week?  Any more conferences or travel?
No more conferences, other than zone trainging onee a month, but this week our STL is coming to our district meeting to give a training.  it should be pretty great. # NotTheOnlySisters :)

This week has been really good.  we've been able to see success, despite the challenges we faced, with Sister Polakoff being sick all week. 

on Monday, we were able to visit with a part member family that hasn't had the missionaries over in a year.  the wife was going to get baptized, but for some reason stopped meeting with the sisters.   we were able to meet with them and it was super awesome!  we are hoping to be able to go back soon and watch Meet the Mormons with them, and start teaching them the lessons again, to help her progress to the temple (St. George is her favorite, and "where she is going to go").

Tuesday we had the mission tour meeting, and I learned a lot.  Elder Snow was great.  we are really working to implement the principles of involving the ward in the work. After the meeting we went on exchanges, and I was able to help Sister Short to focus on what matters most in missionary work, and how to study better.  I was grateful to be a good example to her, even if I sometimes have a hard time with my own studies. 

on Thursday, we had a SUPER productive day.  we had dinner with a bunch of members, because there were several birthday's in one week, and one of them invited a non-member.  we offered to watch Meet the Mormons with her, and we are going to meet with her this week.  later that night, we were trying to meet with a family, and felt impressed to go across the street to a former investigator and her family.  she came with a member to our movie night last week.  they invited us in, and since they speak Spanish, we offered to come another day and watch the movie again with them in Spanish.  they also offered to feed us on the 16th!  it was a great visit. 

Because Sister Polakoff has been sick, and is struggling to get better, we didn't teach very many people this week, but the lessons we did have were very effective, and I know that the trials we are facing are trying to stop us from seeing miracles.  something big is just around the corner! :D
~Hermana Riddle
christmas.mormon.org has a great countdown to Christmas!   I'm so EXCITED!!!!!! :D

We had dinner with Sister Gibbs. :)

Week 63, November 30, P-Day? on WEDNESDAY?

Hi again everyone!

"I’m glad you told me about Elder Foster and Pres. Chestnut!  Where were your conferences?  And what road trip did you take?"
so where I left off,
(Stake Conference was in Winnemucca)
I didn't email on Monday last week because we had a Zone Conference, but with 3 zones!  we drove ALL THE WAY TO ELKO!  and so we had to leave at 6am.  the conference lasted till 5:30 and was super awesome!  I learned.........................

Tuesday we had district meeting, so we drove all the way back to Winnemucca, and spent most of the day out of town again.  we visited with a young woman on the way back to town, and she said we could help her do personal progress.

Wednesday we had our p-day, so we didn't do a whole lot, but we got invited to another thanksgiving dinner.
Thursday was THANKSGIVING! 
Blessed be the name of our God; let us sing to his praise, yea, let us give thanks to his holy name, for he doth work righteousness forever. Alma 26:8
We had 2 dinner appointments, and were able to teach lessons with them.  Its amazing to see the people opening up more, to the spirit and us being there to help them.

Friday we went on exchanges and the 2 Sparks sisters came here.  I spent the day with Sister Kashow.  we went and visited with that young women again, and it was super cool because I was finally able to have a lesson with her DAD.  he is from Mexico and speaks mostly Spanish.  He was super excited that I was there.  I learned a lot that day, and was really able to see why I am needed here in Lovelock.
It was a really great week.  not much else happened over the weekend, Sister Polakoff had a food overload, and she has food allergies, so she was kinda out for the weekend.,  but it was a really productive week!
Tomorrow we get to go to Sparks and meet Elder Steven E Snow of the 70!  then more exchanges and I get to go with a Brand new missionary! :)
~Hermana Riddle
we found a cactus!  it was super cool!!

new video!!

Saturday, January 16, 2016

Week 62, November 25, 2015 LONG WEEK!

So a lot happened this week.
First of all, we love our zone.  The elders are hilarious. We had zone training and they were being so funny.  Half of them came in together.  
Tuesday night one of our members was telling us how the elders that used to be in Lovelock thought about helping them rake their leaves, because their yard is in the perfect position to street contact while working.  but the elders never did it.  so we DID!  Wednesday morning we spent 2 hours raking leaves.  it was AWESOME! 
On THURSDAY  we had a movie night at the church, where we watched "Meet the Mormons"  and THAT was awesome.  we had a GIANT popcorn machine, and made a bunch of popcorn, and had a great turn out, mostly because we planned it alongside the Young Men combined activity.  so all the youth were there. 
On Friday, we went around our area getting information on different people for our ward.  pretty much missionaries are kinda stalkers.  its pretty fun, and its for a righteous cause.   :)
Saturday, we decided that we should do service, so we got permission to walk around in jeans, and offer service.  so we borrowed a rake from our landlord, and we got to this one house that I had to rake the walkway just to get inside the gate, and the lady came out and said:
"are you gonna rake my leaves?"
"...can we?"
".....do you want to?"
".....do I have to pay you?"
"......I guess...."
so we raked her leaves!  it was awesome!  and then (because we only had one rake and Sister Polakoff was pushing the leaves with her hands) the husband came out with another rake for us to use.  then when we were done, the lady asked if we wanted to stay for dinner because they were having LOBSTER BISQUE!!!!! <# it was like a dream come true.  unfortunately we had to decline because we had a dinner, but it was OK, because we got to watch "Meet the Mormons" again with those members.
SUNDAY we had stake conference with Elder Foster of the 70n coming top speak with us (he spoke in conference about teaching our children, and how he interviewed with Pablo), and we got a ride from a super cool member who just told us a bunch of cool stories from her mission in Alaska.  it was really cool to hear.  we got to the meeting, and President and Sister Chesnut where there:
"sisters, you are doing a super awesome job in Lovelock"
"....thanks president..." "...we are trying..."
"well, do you want to meet Elder Foster?"
"....uhh..."  "...whaa?...."
"yeah he's right up there on the stand, lets go meet him!"
"Hello Elder Foster"
"Hello Sisters! I hear you are doing a great job in Lovelock."
"...oh, thanks!..." ".. we are working hard"\
so that was fun.  :D
I didn't email on MONDAY because we took a ROAD TRIP!  but I will write more about that on this Monday. this email is kinda long.
mmmm... leaves
~Hermana Riddle

super cool night sky
Giant Snickers

NV sunsets are the best

Week 61 November 16, 2015 LOTS of things

Como estas este dia?  Hope you have had a wonderful week!  How are you, and what has been happening?
~Today has been a good day.  its kinda cold, but not too bad.  we still need to wash and wax our car today for zone conference next week.  also, there's no snow yet.  its really weird to look at the mountains, and see where the snow just STOPS.  we are lower than 5000 ft so I'm not used to it.  we've been having an awesome week. we've been doing a lot of contacting referrals.  its been good.  we are able to invite people to a Meet the Mormons movie night we are going to have this week.

I’m sure it is hard to not get any response when you have such wonderful things to share.  How are you doing???
~sometimes it is, but its important to remember that the Lord is preparing people, and so we keep praying for them.  they will eventually know the truth of the message.  we have all been promised to know that Jesus Christ is the savior and redeemer of the world.

Do you already have plans for thanksgiving next week?  Are the members still doing well in feeding you? 
~YES!  there are some super nice members who are planning on feeding us for thanksgiving.  it should be a good time.  they always cook excellent food.
I may not be emailing next Monday.  if I don't, I will email Wednesday.  we are having a mission tour, and so we may be going to Elko to have a meeting with everyone on the east side of the mission.
also this transfer is only 5 weeks long, because of Christmas.  I forgot to mention that last week.  the church buys plane tickets for those going home at Christmas a week earlier, so we will have transfers again the week of the 15th. 
My ponderize scripture for the week is: Mosiah 11:26 Last week it was D&C 87:8
~Hermana Riddle
I made my companion happy while we were sick last week.
I forgot! it hailed one day this week.
sorry no pictures of me... next time!

Week 60 November 9, 2015 Derp Week

Hola Hermana Riddle!  I believe from what I have been reading, that it is transfer time again.  Is that right?  How are you doing?  Will you be staying in Lovelock, or on to a new adventure?  What about your companion?
How are you????  What’s been going on there?

It IS transfer time again.  #LONGEST AREA EVER #LOVELOCK
We are BOTH STAYING. #LongestEnglishCompanion

This week started out pretty great. District meeting was good, we went to sparks for Sister Polakoff's last doctor appointment (she has joint problems), then we got SICK. we were in pretty bad shape all week. first I was sick, then the second half of the time Sister Polakoff was sick because she caught what I had. we feel a whole lot better after those priesthood blessings last night. our Ward Mission Leader came over with his son Logan, and brought the Elders Quorum President. Logan was just there so they could come in, but it must have been a really cool experience for him to be able to see why having the Melchizedek priesthood is so important! Brother Murphy was voice for my blessing, and it was SHOCKING what he said. in a good way. I know that the Lord knows us personally and it was just another testimony at how true this church is, and the power of the priesthood. I know that the Lord is helping me to know more about my divine potential, and that I can work hard, and work with his spirit ALWAYS.

I am super excited for this transfer. I can't wait to work super hard again!
We also had a super cool regional tele-conference yesterday.  with a re-emphasis on SIMPLIFY, and the importance of MEMBER MISSIONARY WORK. #thankyouElderOAKS  


~Hermana Riddle

Also... I found my favorite Youtube Video....
fun with the DVD players.... :P :)
Ding-Dong chicken nugget.... Derp.

Week 59, November 2, 2015, Sister Conference

What did you do for Halloween?
well, we actually just stayed in our house, and planned for the week.  it was pretty uneventful.  we didnt even get to go tho the trunk or treat, because we were in Sparks having Sister Conference.

2 Nephi 4:19 is my ponderize scripture for the week! :)

This past week was great.  we had a good meeting with our bishop, and his first counselor.  they gave us a bunch of names of people that we could go contact, and so we are working hard to contact those people.  We also have a great ward mission leader who is super willing to help us all the time, when he can.

I am excited for this week, and can't wait to see miracles happen here in Lovelock.  I hope to be able to do my best, in all things.  I know I need to rely on the Lord more, and I'm working on that.  I am so grateful for the Sister Conference we had, and for the BOOST it was able to give me.
it was SO much fun!  all the STL's (sister Training Leaders) gave training on the different rules and standards, we got to know each other, I brought my super cool sombrero that Brother Deleeuw gave me, we had lunch and dinner, we got a JEEP to come back to Lovelock with, because our other car was broken I guess. we got to stay with the chesnuts overnight because it was too far to drive.... it was just a great experience!

~Hermana Riddle
Sister Johnson!  I totally surprised her with my camera. :)  #sneaky
SUCH an awesome Sombrero.
The Chesnut's made us BREAKFAST

the Hermanas and President
you can never get a good group shot.  :) #ALLTHESISTERS

Vertical 9 Square!

Week 58, October 26, 2015, Sister Conference

I had a really good week!  We had interviews this week and I was super grateful for our mission President's super positive attitude at interviews and I feel like I need to be more like that, ALL the time!  The Gospel should make us HAPPY! 

I am pumped for this area.  We haven't had a lot of investigators, but we have been working with a lot of active members and helping them to be able to do missionary work here in town.  I had a great time on exchanges in Sparks with Sister Kashow, but it kinda threw me off when I got back into Lovelock.  Sister Polakoff and I were both off on Saturday.  She's been kinda sick all week.  We also had to go to sparks for a Doctors appointment on Wednesday, so I have just been doing a lot of DRIVING. 

I hope that I can do better this week.  I think I just need to really buckle down and FOCUS  on what is the MOST important.  I know in my head that when I do, everything will fall into place, but my heart and mind just haven't quite caught up all the way.  Hopefully the sister conference will help clear my mind, and I will be able to do what HE needs me to do.

Oh yeah!  WE ARE HAVING A SISTER CONFERENCE!  All of the sisters in the mission are coming into sparks for a special all day meeting, and it should be really great!  I get to meet EVERYONE THAT I DONT KNOW.  which is a lot of people because more than 2/3 of our sisters have come in in the last 6 months that I havent been at the transfer meetings/ 
~Hermana Riddle
City Hall is prepped for Halloween!

Throwback!  #CarsonCity

Week 57, October 19, 2015, BAPTISM!

I hope your week has been going well!
it has! :)

Who got baptized this week?
a little boy named Vaughn.  his family are all members, but he is 9 so we taught him all that he needed to know about the Gospel.
We had a great baptism, and although there weren't many people there, Vaughn had a great experience. 

This week was a little hard, we were struggling to find people, and keep working, but Sister Polakoff is helping me to see what I can do to more fully rely on the Lord, and let HIM help me.  We just need to get out, and work hard, and PRAY.  Heavenly Father will help us with our challenges.
We had an Awesome miracle yesterday.  Spirit led lessons are great, especially when you are led to the person you need to teach!  We met this random lady, who had gone on a soul searching journey, and she was getting answers.  We really helped her.

This week is looking up.  We are finding new people, and going to contact a lot of potentials.   We gave talks in church, and we didn't even TRY to make them go together, but it was AWESOME.  Sister Polakoff talked about the blessings we get from opening our mouths, and I talked about Elder Bednar's talk from Oct 2014 about Wanting to share the gospel (come and see) the ward was super missionary mined for the rest of church, which was a great thing!  hopefully it will continually last!
Have a great week! I LOVE YOU!!

~Hermana Riddle
Vaughn's Baptism


Week 56, October 12, 2015 Ponderizing Lovelock

Our Zone!
This week was good. we went on exchanges, and I feel rejuvenated. I am really pumped to keep working hard in Lovelock, and to be able to see the miracles that will come.

We had some awesome active member lessons with the ward council, and we are tracking our miracles each day, to keep ourselves motivated. its super cool!

We also have a baptism at the end of the end of this week! we are super excited for him, and hope that it will be a good memorable experience, and we know that the Holy Ghost will guide him throughout this experience we call life.

Last week I ponderized 3 Nephi 27:6. it was really cool to remember that the Lord will always help us endure to the end, because we have covenanted with him that we will do our very best to follow him.
THIS week, my ponderize scripture is 4 Nephi 1:18  there are so many scriptures in the
Book of Mormon, I don't even know what to do.  I am so excited to be able to do this, and to keep up  my focus on the scriptures. :)
~Hermana Riddle
funny quote from exchanges, on the STL's desk
Awesome car

Week 55, October 5, 2015 LAST CONFERENCE

Where were you for conference?  Did you get to see it at someone’s home?  What was your favorite talk or theme?
How was your week?  And how is Sister Polokoff?  Tell me about her and where she is from.  Have you learned a good routine between the two of you?  I’m sure it is different with each companion you have.

Something I learned from General Conference is how I feel the spirit. I sometimes feel that I cannot determine if I feel the Spirit, if I don't have some sort of spiritual spike. I really liked what Henry B Eyring shared in his talk, that "you have felt the Spirit today." It helped me realize that as long as I am consciously trying to feel the spirit, I will know that it is there. I just need to work on always keeping that at the forefront of my mind.

I am so excited to be here in Lovelock with Sister Polakoff! She is super great. She is from Gilbert Arizona, and she is AWESOME.  We get along really well, and she has big plans for the area. I hope to be able to help her, and the area seems to be growing already! We haven't been able to teach too many lessons so far, but we are attacking the ward list, and contacting everyone on it, to make sure our records are up to date, and that we know the members, and they know us, and are more willing to help us. We already have had people sign up on our dinner calendar to have us in their home, even though they didnt sign up when it was passed around church.
I hoe you all enjoyed conference, and that you have a great week!  (if you haven't watched conference, watch it.  it was the best I've ever heard.  YOU are AMAZING!  The Lord loves you, and so do I.

~Hermana Riddle
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Sister Polakoff and Me

Week 54, September 28, MIRACLE WEEK

This week has been really good. we have been a little stressed out, but we are super excited for this NEW transfer.  We saw lots of miracles this week.  We were able to find one of our investigators and commit her to be baptized.  it was AWESOME.  we talked to her a little about the law of Chastity, to help keep her safe, and we were supposed to go teacha preach my gospel class, but the spirit told us that we needed to stay and talk with her, so we helped her to PRAY! OUT LOUD! and then we invited her to be baptised, and she said yes, once she learns more! it was A-MAZING

I am excited to be able to stay here and help her, as well as our other investigator, Vaughn, to be able to feel the spirit and keep working toward baptism, and that eternal glory that comes with enduring to the end.  I hope to be able to help Sister Polakoff work hard here, and see even more miracles, in all that we do.
oh yeah! TRANSFERS!
Sister Liddle is going to ELKO!  elko 2nd and YSA.  she will be with our STL, and another sister.  TRIO!  Sister Polakoff will be my companion here in Lovelock.  she was with Sister Liddle in the MTC.  I am really excited for what will come next!  sorry about the lack of pictures, I will send some next week, I promise!

Week 53, Big week and unbaptised members

This week has been AWESOME!  My Birthday was GREAT!  Thanks!
This week we had Zone conference.  We went to Winnemucca and our Mission President, and the Assistants to the President and our Zone Leaders all gave training's, and we were able to learn a LOT.  I learned so much about the Atonement, and about how merciful the Lord is.  

I am so grateful that I am able to be a member of this church and to have the knowledge that I have of our Heavenly Father and our Saviour Jesus Christ.

During our Zone conference, our mission President challenged us to go to our ward, and to find all the people who are over 18 and not Elders, all of the families in which one member of the family is not a member of the church, and people over age 9 who are not baptized.  we found one at our dinner that night!  it was AWESOME!!

I know that as we rely on the Lord, that he will help us with EVERYTHING!!

~Hermana Riddle
I love the Book of Mormon!!
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