Monday, October 27, 2014

First transfer is over D:

a lot of stuff happened this week.  like, A LOT.   and I don't remember most of it, but here it goes
Monday we had p-day and we cleaned out our room and our car.  our area will never need supplies ever again in Spanish.  because its all in the back of our car.  we went to McDonalds to lunch and I won a prize in monopoly! so that was fun.  later some members took us out to dinner.  then we went to Rex's and taught him that even though things are starting to get really rough in his life, the lord is always with him.
Tuesday we had district meeting and we learned about some really cool scriptures.  D&C 24/7  and Alma 24/7  which can be applied 24/7  :)
then we went to lunch, then over to the little girls to read scriptures with them.  later we went and taught some lessons, had dinner, and taught some more people.  Rex is going through a really hard time, but hopefully, if HE CHOOSES to follow Christ, things will go better for him.
Wednesday we went out to lunch with a member after studying all morning.  its funny cause we went out to dinner with a member too.  members love to feed us.  but sometimes its hard when people cancel, so we only taught a few lessons today.
Thursday we had weekly planning, and in the middle of it, a member offered to take us out to lunch.  we had SUSHI!  9 weeks almost to the DAY I was set apart, we had the thing I thought I was never going to have while on my mission (but sushi is way cheaper over here than at home, because the ocean isn't over 1000 miles away).  Ernesto was with us and he ordered a "shooter"  he described them to us, but i guess I looked like I wanted one so he ordered one for me.  basically its fish eggs in a shot glass full of soy sauce,and lemon juice, then they crack a raw quail egg into it, and sprinkle onions on it.  it wasn't "bad" but it was just really salty and sour.  I didn't taste the egg much though.  I also didn't get sick, so that's good.
Friday we studied all day.  its was a great day.  we went to lunch after studying.  I was ordering, and some guy came up behind us, and asked if we were the missionaries.  Hermana told him we were, as I was about to pay and he said "put your money away"  he isn't in out ward boundaries, but he and his wife love helping out the missionaries.  that was a really cool experience.  then we went over to where the little girls live.  they weren't home yet, but we visited with all of their parents, contacted new people, and we even street contacted in English.  we taught 5 lessons in about 2 hours, so that was REALLY cool.  after dinner, we sat with Rex, and he is doing better, he its wanting to do the right things. 
Saturday was really intense.  after studies and lunch, we taught the girls, then had dinner.  then when we taught Rex, he was having a really bad day.  a gang wanted to steal his dog, so he shot the ground to scare them off, and hid in his house all day thinking he was going to get arrested.  he was really scared, but we prayed with him, and then he wanted to pray.  he was so sincere, and he really wants to be doing the right thing.  it hurt to see him in such pain, but it was good for us to see that he has that desire to change.  we went home a little early, but it was a good night.  also I watched the testaments.  that was a good movie
Sunday was cool.  we had ward council, and we had a few investigators at church with us.  Rex and Yasmina with her daughters.  it was the primary program, so that was fun.  then taught a few lessons, and had dinner.  we started teaching Ernesto, and I was really the one who learned from him.  but it was good, because he is becoming more comfortable with teaching.
until next week!
~Hermana Riddle


Monday, October 20, 2014

Picture of my zone!! Carson City!

Week 5

I finally figured out how to count the weeks.
Monday we taught a few lessons, and one was really cool.  we taught about temples to a recent convert, hopefully he can get a recommend to do baptisms soon.  it will be so cool to go with him.
Tuesday we had district meeting, and I learned something really powerful.  There is a difference between feeling the influence of the spirit, and having the holy ghost.  one is like a 30-day trial subscription, where you get access to some things, while the other is like having the full subscription.  It also occurred to me that someone has already paid for your subscription to the holy ghost, CHRIST.  you just have to accept him, and take his (user)name upon you (like the baptismal covenant) in order to be able to have the holy ghost with you always.  but if you don't keep that, you get logged out of having the Holy Ghost.  that was really cool to realize.  then we taught a lesson about the law of chastity, better than the district 1, and it was just a good day.
Wednesday we had a hard time teaching lessons, because a lot of people weren't home, but we did share a lot of scriptural thoughts with people.
Thursday we had weekly planning, and we updated the whole whiteboard we have. :)  then we went around trying to find people to teach.  we taught the person who was learning about the law of chastity again.  he read the whole pamphlet, and I was really sure we taught it well.  cause we did.  but there were still things he didn't understand, so we had to reteach it.  :P  it was kinda funny though.  Then the Sister Training Leaders (STLs) from Reno came down, and I went to Reno with Sister Boyak.  She was super nice, and funny.
Friday, I was in Reno all day.  They stay in an apartment, so that was cool.  in the morning some of their appointments fell through, so we just tried contacting some potentials.  they had correlation meeting, which was interesting, cause there are 4 sets of missionaries for their branch, instead of just 2 for our group.  it was also cool cause one companionship was a trio.  then we went back to teaching our lessons.  we had to explain tithing really forcefully.  tithing is important, but we cant just make the rules.  we have to follow them as they are given to us by the Lord.  we went to one lesson with a member that was really powerful.  she shared an amazing testimony about how she learned to delight in the scriptures.  she also shared that the book of Mormon is like a cake.  someone can tell you it takes good, or maybe they think it tastes bad.  they tell you to eat it or not.  BUT, YOU don't know what it tastes like unless you try it for yourself.  Its the same with everything in the gospel.  van a saber POR SI MISIMO, deben orar POR SI MISMO van a cambiar POR SI MISMO!!!  (will know, should pray, will change FOR THEMSELVES)  the STL said I was doing a great job, and that the spirit was helping me know exactly what to tell people, so that was awesome.  then I went back to Carson 
its weird here, all the missionaries eat together, in large groups.  one sister fed all 9 of us in Reno... o_O
Saturday we studied, then went to do service.  we cleaned the side of someone's yard for a little bit, then we all went to lunch.  after lunch we taught a few lessons, reading scriptures with a bunch of little kids, and a lot of inviting people to come to Noche De Hogar (monthly family home evening activity for the spanish group)  it was really cool to see all the people there. 
Sunday was interesting.  we went to sacrament meeting in english.  then later, we met with the spanish group.  we finally had a gospel principles class taught for our investigators and recent converts.  then, after relief society, the group met in the relief society room for spanish sacrament meeting.  one of the members asked if I could play the piano, but they picked super hard hymns, so that didn't go so well.  :P  then after the sacrament, I was also the first of 2 speakers.  I talked on perdon (forgiveness)  I found the talk by president uchtdorf on forgiveness, and judging others (the STOP IT one, the merciful obtain mercy, April 2012)  I quoted that a little, and basically explained three things, that we need to FORGIVE OTHERS of their misdeeds and wrongdoings against us, we need to FORGIVE OURSELVES of the things that we have done wrong (think Frozen: "the past is in the past") and we need to have the PURE LOVE OF CHRIST, no matter what anyone has done.  there was another story about a German holocaust survivor that had to forgive a Nazi soldier, and she almost couldn't, but she prayed for that pure love of Christ, so that she could just shake his hand, and she felt a peace in her heart.  it was a good talk.  After church, we taught one lesson that Hermana Simmons put me in charge of, and that was really hard, so I have to work on that this week.  but it was still a good lesson.
I learned a lot this week, and I hope to learn even more in the weeks to come! :)
until next week
~Hermana Riddle

Monday, October 13, 2014

Week 4

The week started of pretty normal
Monday, P-day, I almost didn't have enough time to email.  I need to learn to get faster at these things!!  walmart, carwash, the usual.  I'm determined that my companion and I are going to win something in McDonalds monopoly. :)  we brought two investigators to Noche de Hogar (FHE at a members house)
Tuesday, we had ZONE training.  so I got to meet everyone in the whole zone! there were a lot of people.  then we went around teaching a lot of people.  We even taught a part member family, where the nonmembers didnt want us to be there at all.  but it was really powerful I think. 
Wednesday we taught a bunch of people.  (its been really cool cause Alvaro has been going to all of our lessons with us after work.,  he just really wants to be a missionary again (He served in Louisiana, Spanish speaking).  but its so helpful when members go with the missionaries.  lessons are not as powerful without the testimony and fellowship of member present lessons)  we had an awkward silence at one investigators lesson.  he likes what we have to teach him, but he refuses to read the book of mormon.  its really hard to have a strong testimony if you haven't read and pondered the book of mormon though.  it is central in understanding the gospel.
sidenote.  there was a full lunar eclipse right here  in the week, and I couldnt see it!!  I saw one before my mission though, and apparently this one wasnt even the color that it was supposed to be.

Thursday we had weekly planning most of the day.  during our lessons, one of our investigators thought he was getting baptized this weekend, but we haven't taught him all the lessons, and so Alvaro had a mock interview with him, so that he would understand what he needs to know before baptism.  that was really cool.  i'm learning a lot still, but i'm starting to get the hang of this.
Friday we studied a lot.  and then went and taught all of our lessons.  we got to see diana  after her interview, and she is going to get baptized!!  I cant wait!!  i've been in charge a lot of teaching lessons, and sharing spiritual thoughts, and although its hard sometimes, I'm getting a lot better at it.  I HATE ROLE PLAYS  but they really actually do work.  kinda like the metronome in piano if you don't have an internal beat (but I do, which is why I also hate metronomes)
Saturday was AMAZING.  after studying, and lunch, we tried to contact our investigators.  we met someone on the street who was asking us amazing questions.  straight out of the pamphlets!  I cant wait to teach him.  I know we have the answers to his questions, he just needs to listen to what we have to share.  after that, we had a baptism.  IN SPANISH!  even though we taught her in english, diana wanted the service in spanish, so her parents would understand.  that was really cool!  we even had some investigators show up!  I learned a little about CTR rings too.  they remind us of baptismal covenants (in english).  Commandments, Take his name upon us, Remember him.  that was cool.  Diana's friends were so excited to see her get baptized.  I think some of them want to be baptized too! :D
Sunday was a little harder (thats what you get for having a baptism)  but it was still good.  Diana was confirmed in church.  we tried to teach a bunch of lessons, but a lot of people were busy.  but Rex came to church, and it was testimony meeting, so that was awesome.  I had to translate a little bit in relief society, but I think i'm getting better at it.  we have a full week planned ahead of us, but i'm so ready!! 

Monday, October 6, 2014

Week Three in Carson City

a LOT has happened this week.  its been crazy!!!
Monday we went to Costco in Reno, cause we had to go to the mission office and stuff, and a member took us, so that was fun.  we also visited a little LDS bookstore (knock off Deseret book) and that was super cute.  after a few lessons, we had a silly string fight with Diana! That was so much fun.  she is so excited to be baptized.
Tuesday we had District meeting, and sister simmons and I role played introducing the BoM.  it was hard for her to do it in english.  :)  we had a few good lessons, and had a blessing given to one of our investigators, to help him be more ready for baptism. 
Wednesday we studied all morning, and did our car inspection.  that was cool.  it was a great day.  while we were at lunch, one of our less actives called and told us he was having a hard day.  we went over to his house, and he was able to feel the spirit with us, so strong that he ended up coming with us to all of our lessons that day!  it was awesome.  Diana doesn't like new people so that was interesting, but it was still good.  then Ernesto took us to dinner, and he and Alvaro came to another lesson.  after that, they both left and we went to a relief society service activity, which ended up being cancelled, so one of the ladies said "well, let's wait here for a minute see if anyone else is going to show up, then we'll decide where we are going, then all head over to baskin robbins."  it was really funny.  after that, we went to coordination.
Thursday is where the week got really fun.  brother Hash, who is in charge of church tours in our ward, had the mission president come down, and he had hermana simmons and I help him.  he and hermana were companions, I was a member, and president hermansen was our investigator.  it went well though.  he really liked the church tour.  then as a zone, we watched Meet The Mormons
EVERYONE NEEDS TO SEE THAT MOVIE!!!! IT WAS AMAZING!!!   I didnt have a favorite movie before thursday.  TAKE EVERYONE!!! especially those who are NOT members.  it is a great tool to erase mormon stereotypes.  and the stories are just beautiful. 
after the movie, we went back to our lessons.  we planned diana's baptism.  Alvaro took us to dinner, and we were with his friend.  she told me that I looked like her friends.  Jessica and Jordan, who she knew in utah.  Then she toold me their last name, and I was shocked.  She knew my COUSINS!  so then she was texting them and it was just really funny.  They both came with us to a lesson where we watched the Joseph smith restoration video, and I had her bear her testimony.  that was a really cool experience (even though she didnt speak spanish, and the whole movie had been in spanish)
Friday was interesting, because Hermana simmons had to go to a leadership meeting in Reno.  I went with sisters ingsong & torres.  after a morning of studies at their house, we went to a members house and did service.  we lifted firewood, and moved it to a different spot in the backyard.  then we went to teach Diana.  it was cool to combine our schedules.  when hermana simmons came back, we went to dinner, and then with Alvaro to visit an investigator.  Then we got together with Alvaro, and invited Ernesto to come and learn an awesome lesson we can teach to people about the plan of salvation.  Basically, if you change some of the names in Mosiah 24:9-17, its the plan of salvation.  Amulon is Satanas (satan) the king is God, and Alma and his people are you and your friends.  but after the Lord speaks to them, alma is Jesus Christ.  Satan puts guards over us, to subjugate us, and not let us reach out to God, but if we continuously have a prayer in our hearts, "tomorrow (lords time) he will ease our burdens" and he sends Jesus Christ at the front of this people to show us the way we must go.  it was so powerful, and I learned a lot.  Hermana and I were spiritually wiped, and we still had general conference ahead of us.
GENERAL CONFERENCE!! i cant believe its already been 6 months since the last one.  we went to the first session, at the church, went to lunch, second session (with investigators) then visited Diana.  Alvaro helped us go over the baptismal interview questions, but she was really shy.  then we had dinner with Ernesto's family, then contacted some people that Alvaro knows.  its Awesome, because the two of them are like a companionship.  
Sunday was pretty much the same schedule, but after the second session (the last 2 talks were my favorite talks of conference), we sat down as a group again, hermana and me, Alvaro and Ernesto.  we talked about the story of christ walking on water, and how missionaries are walking on water, but investigators are in a huge boat of worldly things (SS Satanic).  there are member missionaries on that boat, bringing their friends to the edge, and they and the missionaries are helping them to jump into the waters (of baptism) with their eye centered on christ,so they can walk across the water like peter, not doubting, not wavering, and coming unto christ.  it was again, really powerful.  those two are amazing.  then Alvaro came with us to visit a less active family, then to Rex, the same investigator from friday.  he had a rough 48 hours without us.  he had been drinking all day.  we talked with him for a long time, about how satan lives in the bottle, and how he wants us to be miserable.  we need to chose to turn to christ, who is always with us, even if we deny him.  then he took us to his kitchen, and had us flush some drugs.  that was a really powerful moment for me.  I have only known him for 2 days, but, I was so proud of him, that I cried.  i'm also still sorta in shock, cause that was the first time i've been that close to things like that.  Rex also dumped one of his beers.  which made my cry proud tears even more.  it was a beautiful step for him to take.
I'm so glad that I've already been able to help people on my mission.  I hope I will always keep the "New Misisonary Spark" i've been told I have, and that I will doubt my doubts before I doubt my faith, and always keep my positive attitude.  I hope that my positivity is contagious, and that Everyone will have a good week this week. :)  until then
~Hermana Riddle
Hermana Riddle and Jessica and Jordan's friend