Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Week 13 From a Spanish Group to 1.5 English Wards

New name tag in English

My new companion Sister Willes

Christmas Tree at the Mission office

Hermana Simmons and Hermana Riddle

Saying goodbye to Sister Riddle

Monday I basically just packed all day, because of transfers.
Tuesday we had studies and then went up to sparks for some meetings.  I went and knocked doors for an hour with 2 sisters for an hour.  then we had our transfer meeting.  My new companion is Sister Willes.  she is super awesome.  she is from Ely, Nevada.  then we went to a RS dinner, so I got to meet a lot of people.  we only cover half of that ward though.  there is a set of elders that cover the other half. 
Wednesday we went around and taught a bunch of lessons.  its weird to leave the house before lunch, and have to come back to eat, since we don't have to study as much.  it was a good day though.  we misplaced a binder for a bit, so that was a bit hard.
Thursday we had weekly planning.  we had a lot to do, since we were also given another ward.  sister Willes and I are on the same page with that one.
Friday we taught some lessons, and found our binder!!
Saturday we went to a baptism, and taught a bunch of lessons.  it was a great day.  there are some pretty weird people out in downtown at night though.. :P 
Sunday we went to one ward at 9 and another ward at 12, then we met with the ward mission leader of the new area.  they are super excited to have sisters.  I cant wait.  :)  there was also a super awesome stake Christmas devotional, so that was fun.
I am more and more excited to be in this area.   I know I will grow a lot, even though I wont be speaking much Spanish.  I cant wait to see the miracles that will happen this transfer!!
~Sister Riddle
if you havent done so yet, check out christmas.mormon.org (navidad.mormon.org)  it is a really cool website, even for members.  ther e are fun quizes and videos to watch.  I wish I had more time to explore it more fully!!

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Monday, December 8, 2014

Week 12- One Word- Transfers

Best Companionship Ever!
Missionaries with Santa

Cutest little girl!
Monday:  p- day, the usual

Tuesday: district meeting (apparently every ward has a ward mission plan.  if you want to be a better missionary, you should look that up, and help your ward out!! :) )  several missionaries are leaving this transfer, so we signed transfer journals. other than that it was a typical day

Wednesday: lots of lessons

Thursday: sister Simmons got sick, so I played the piano in order to be able to play in church on Sunday.  we also taught our recent convert.  he gave each of us a present.  that was really cool, cause he had never given anyone a Christmas present before.

Friday:  went around inviting everyone to the Christmas Party this weekend
Saturday: helped out with the Latino Christmas Party.  we had a really good turnout.  It was stake wide, so we had twice as many People as usual show up.  Sister Simmons was stressed in anticipation for a transfer notification, which didn't come until nighttime.  She read the message, and looked at me (i was across the room)  and she said: "I'm staying"  which meant I was leaving.  no one expected that!!  when Spanish sisters come to Carson City they stay forever, but apparently I'm the exception to the rule.
Sunday was church, and it was fast and testimony meeting, with Spanish sacrament meeting.  it was really emotional and spiritual.  I bore my testimony of how much the mission changes the missionary.  I compared my testimony to my ability to play piano or speak in church in Spanish (because I gave a talk and had to play spontaneously the first Sunday of Spanish sacrament meeting.)  I could only play with one finger, but now I can play some songs with both hands.  it is amazing what can happen when you rely on the Lord with all your heart, might mind and strength.  (I've had that verse memorized for as long as I can remember, but I only found out this past month that it is from Doctrine and Covenants 4.  the missionary section.)
Later that night, we got the official call from our zone leader telling me where I was moving to.  I am going to the Reno North zone, as a junior companion, and I'm covering 2 wards.  most likely, I'll also be in English.

I am really excited to be going to North Reno this transfer. I don't know what it will be like going English, but it will be a good experience. we were in shock when we found out I would be the one moving, but I think in my heart I saw it coming. I was really sad, and I still am, because I'm leaving behind a lot of great people, but I have realized that it will be a great experience for me, and that the Lord needs me to help people in another place, in another language.
Para Siempre Dios Este Con Vos!!!  y nos vemos la proxima semana!!!!!
~Hermana Riddle


Thursday, December 4, 2014

Week 11 November 24-30, 2014

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Hermana Simmmons and I got matching sweaters!!

 Some random guy got us a gift card while we were
having lunch!!!!

This week was really good.
Monday: p-day, lessons, the usual. but we had a party with the zone and we played a cool game called Curses.  that was really fun
Tuesday: lessons, we read the same chapters in the book of mormon over and over again.  but its cool, because I personally learn something different each time we read it.  even if its something small!
Wednesday: district meeting, because the zone leaders had to go to a training.  there is a new initiative out by the church, and if you have an ensign you may already know about it.  if not, go to christmas.mormon.org ( navidad.mormon.org ) and watch the video (He is the Gift (El es la Dadiva).  its SO COOL.  its about the true meaning of christmas, its really short and well worth your time.  then, SHARE IT!!! they are hoping over 220 million people will watch the video!
Thanksgiving Day
Thursday was thanksgivig, as you all know.  we had weekly planning all morning, but in the afternoon, we went to dinner, and we talked with a lot of people who kept coming in and out of our fiesta!  we had turkey, creamy potatoes, and honey ham.  there was A LOT of food.

Friday we taught several lesson, typical day, and we shared the christmas video with everyone we talked to.  so that was cool
Saturday was pretty much the same as friday, but we also had a scripture study class in the evening which was really good.
Sunday we had church.  one of the members brought a friend, who loved how we do church.  in his old church it was 4 hours of a preacher preaching, but we only have one, and then move around, and have discussion on gospel principles and doctrine.  he though that was so cool.  I had never thought about how cool that was.  we all learn from each other, but then we all gather, and ask God to teach us through the spirit, since that is the best way to learn knowledge.
just like in the book of mormon.  we read, then we ask God in the name of christ (prayer) if the things we have learned in our heads are true, and he answers to our hearts.

"The best way to obtain truth and wisdom is not to ask it from books, but to go to God in prayer and obtain divine teaching" Joseph Smith

I love you all and hope and pray for the best for each of you always!
Hasta Luego!

~Hermana Riddle