Monday, March 21, 2016

Week 72, February 1, 2016 Sparks!

Were you snowed in to town this week?
Or did you still do some traveling?

I believe it is transfers?  Any news???? Can’t wait to hear what your next experience is going to be, or if you will be spending more time in Lovelock? Or if after so many months you will be moving on to a new adventure???

This week we went to Winnemucca for our usual Tuesday meeting, but when we got home, Sister Short was starting to get a cold, so we spent all day Wednesday inside, and I cleaned the apartment. (you can't leave your companion).  then, right about when Sister Short was feeling better, I was getting sick!  so we pretty much spent all week inside.  it snowed a little (2 inches) one of the days we were inside.  Lovelock is funny because if it snows everywhere it won't snow here, but if it snows here it won't really snow anywhere else.  After Church on Sunday the Young Women had New Beginnings, which was AWESOME.  Their theme was "Follow the Yellow Brick Road."  We were able to support these girls as they recommitted themselves to doing Personal Progress.  it was really cool, because I have seen how much Personal Progress helps others!  Everyone does different things that all help them grow.  I have heard a lot of different testimonies about it recently, and I'm excited to be able to continue to progress! (I might even try to earn it again!)

WE HAD TRANSFER CALLS!!!  Sister Short will be going to the Peavine and Mogul wards (Mogul is where I was at last year).  I will be going to the Sparks Vista Spanish Branch, East area. my companion will be Hermana Christensen.  I am really sad to be leaving Lovelock, but I am super excited to be able to have a new adventure!!

~Hermana Riddle

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