Monday, August 31, 2015

Week 43, July 13, 2015 Ely 2.0

How are you? 
I'm going great.  it is super nice here in Ely.  its been kinda rainy, but it hasn't been super hot, so thats nice.  I can feel myself coming closer and closer to the lord each day, and it is just AWESOME.  I can feel myself being changed spiritually, and it is an amazing experience.  

What happened with the transfers?
well, Sister Rogers finished her mission, so I was with Sister Wilkins for a few days and we both stayed in our areas in Ely.  Then Sister Teichert came in to the area with Sister Wilkins companion.  oh yeah and I'm driving this transfer, and am in charge of directing our companionship.

Did your companion arrive safely?
almost not,  they had a crazy experience.  they didn't realize that the loneliest highway had absolutely nothing, so they thought there would be one more stop to fill up, ran out of gas in the middle of nevada, then the GPS died, and after they got help, in Eureka their phone died too.  then I guess they were in a hail storm?  so they had a really exciting experience.  but they arrived safely.

Was the other one Sister Johnson?
no, her name is Sister Paul.  she is super cute.  she and Sister Wilkins are pretty much twins.  they are awesome. she is from Mesa Arizona.

Tell me about your companion?
Sister Teichert is really quiet.  she is from West Jordan Ut.  we get along pretty well so far, even though we are pretty much opposites.  we have had a few experiences working in super awesome unity, so that has been great.  she really helps me to fulfil my role as senior companion. i'm teaching her how to use hashtags.  and spanish. 

How is the work in Ely going?
the work is doing well.  we have a lot of people out of town right now because its summer, but we are working on finding new people.  we are going to get to know EVERYONE and help them to come closer to their heavenly father.

ALSO!! today, we had a fun p-day activity.  we went to the Ely old time coal train thing, and got to RIDE IT!!!! all the way to this little bandit town called keystone.  it was super FUN!  the coal wasn't burning hot enough at first though, and there was a lot of coal ash in the air.  it was crazy!

Sorry that was a lot.  a lot of stuff happened this week.

dont forget to read your scriptures!!

~Hermana Riddle

Going through a tunnel.  There's ash EVERYWHERE.

Me and Sister Teichert

Dirtbag the train cat.  He is supposed to be white.

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