Monday, August 31, 2015

Week 50, August 31, 2015 Stand with Him

#THROWBACK!  wow that was a lifetime ago. by the way, that's my blog~!
This week has been really good. we went on exchanges, so I got to be in Elko, for a day, and I drove a total of 4 hours over 2 days! Again! Sister Liddle got to say in Lovelock.
we are working hard to keep finding people to teach.  it is always an adventure.  I am starting to wonder how the next two weeks will go because BURNING MAN!  its 3 hours away in the middle of the desert, so we wont have to worry about it much, but its really funny to see all the vehicles.  we saw a rounded silver school bus the other day outside of Walmart in Winnemucca, from Colorado, and I laughed really hard.  I probably know what little mountain town they are from. :)
I am really excited to be working hard! I know that  the Lord will help us to succeed here in Lovelock, and all we have to do is rely on him, because he has already offered his help so many times, and he will never take that help away from us!

"It is not a question of if He will stand with us, it is: Will we stand with Him?"
I know that when we do stand with the Lord, that he will Never let us fall.  He will be there Forever! always making sure that if we desire, we can live in perfect happiness, with God, Jesus Christ, our Families, and everyone we love and care about!
~Hermana Riddle
Found this at the church

you know you are in a desert when...

small tomatoes

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