Monday, November 3, 2014


I have learned so much this week.  for the past little bit I have been repeatedly told the same lesson, about how to forget the past, looking toward the future, and loving the people here on my mission with the pure love of Christ.  This week, I feel like I've learned that lesson not only in my head, but also in my heart.  Humility is a huge thing.  and I know I've been saying it a lot, but I finally am beginning to understand what it means when I say people have to choose FOR THEMSELVES.  that's what AGENCY means.  I have also learned that a mission is not what it seems.  it is an amazing thing, but its very different from every expectation I had. 
Monday, during emails, I ended up spending a lot of the time talking to this guy next to me, who basically knew my life.  it was CRAZY.  he basically told me exactly the same things Hermana Simmons and I had been talking about all weekend.  (she was trying to drill that lesson into me, but it wasn't quite working).  after p-day we taught a lesson and went to family home evening, which was great because the other sisters needed members to be there for their investigators.
Tuesday we studied, then when with some of the elders to teach a lesson.  they taught the son in English, and we taught the mom in Spanish, but, I feel like they were both listening to us teach in Spanish.  we didn't have district meeting, because it was transfer day.  there are now people newer than me on the mission.  we had a ward Halloween party which was a great success.  we had a lot of people with us there.  including 7 little girls.  Diana's little sister is awesome.
Wednesday we taught a lesson to someone at an investigators house, and the investigator helped us teach, which was cool.  we also got to read with another little girl, and her Dad read with us.  also, we found REX. its been several days since we've seen him, but he got another job, so he is hardly ever home.
Thursday was a crazy day, but it was awesome.  we studied, then went to a lesson.  then we studied some more in the car, since our lunch was close by.  we then went over to read with Diana, and we sat with her mom for a bit.  she cuts hair, so we got to talk to some people who were there.  Later we were walking around and I wanted to turn down a certain street I hadn't been down.  Hermana told me it was sketchy, and I could see that a little, but we went down it anyway, and one family was in their tree picking apples.  we offered to help and they told us we could take some apples, cause they had too many.  they were really good.  I'm excited to see where they go, because I know I was impressed to go down that street.  after dinner, we watched the john tanner story with a less active.  we were going to watch "only a stone cutter" but the disk wouldn't play that one.  it was awesome for him though.  then we taught another lesson about prayer and scripture study.
Friday we had weekly planning, because it was Halloween.  that's when I really internalized the lesson that has been drilled into me these past weeks.  Hermana Simmons and I talked it out, and I started top see what I needed to do to be a better missionary.  we didnt end up teaching the people we thought we were going to, but we had some really good lessons with other investigators.  after dinner, we taught a less active (with the help from the one we taught on thursday) about gaining the confidence to focus on Christ, and trusting in him, "jump out of the boat" and walk on water.  only then can we leave our comfort zone.  "there is no growth in a comfort zone, but, there is no comfort in a growth zone."
another great quote that was shared during this lesson is this:
"we must be willing to let go of the life we have planned so as to have the life that is waiting for us"
Saturday was a long day.  we studied untill 10, when we went to the Nevada Day parade.  we were there for 2 hours before we started walking.  but it was cool to see everyone there.  we walked along the edges of the pioneers, members in helping hand shirts, and missionaries dressed normal, handing out fliers for the BBQ we were having right after the parade.  we headed over there quickly and had a great time.  we had some investigators with us, and we were able to teach them a lot about the church, and the family history center.  then we taught a different investigator a lesson, and invited him to be baptized.  I think he will get baptized.  we were going to teach Rex, but we felt like today was not the right day, so we taught other people instead
Sunday was daylight savings, but we got our clocks messed up, and we almost got up and ready at 5:30 instead of 6:30 :P but we caught ourselves.  we had church and I played the piano in Spanish sacrament meeting.  I don't play well, but I at least can carry a tune, which is more than most.  but I've improved since I started my mission.  I know the lord helps those who rely on him.  after dinner, We then taught a few lessons, one with our new investigators, and one with Rex.  he was drunk, and upset with us, because we didn't visit him, the night before to stop him from getting drunk, but he needed to have agency. he went to a concert, and everyone there had drugs, but every time anyone offered them to him, he would see my face telling him not to do it, so he didn't.  I thought that was pretty cool, that I've had that much of an impact on him in such a short amount of time.
This week, overall has been amazing.  I have learned so much about loving people.  I knew it in my head before, but now I have started to learn it in my heart.  and I hope to be able to apply it always.
the first three Christlike attributes in preach my Gospel are:  Faith Hope, and Charity,  (charity being the pure love of Christ)  we cant have charity if we don't have faith or hope.  so, if you are charitable, you have faith and hope in something.
~Hermana Riddle

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