Monday, October 27, 2014

First transfer is over D:

a lot of stuff happened this week.  like, A LOT.   and I don't remember most of it, but here it goes
Monday we had p-day and we cleaned out our room and our car.  our area will never need supplies ever again in Spanish.  because its all in the back of our car.  we went to McDonalds to lunch and I won a prize in monopoly! so that was fun.  later some members took us out to dinner.  then we went to Rex's and taught him that even though things are starting to get really rough in his life, the lord is always with him.
Tuesday we had district meeting and we learned about some really cool scriptures.  D&C 24/7  and Alma 24/7  which can be applied 24/7  :)
then we went to lunch, then over to the little girls to read scriptures with them.  later we went and taught some lessons, had dinner, and taught some more people.  Rex is going through a really hard time, but hopefully, if HE CHOOSES to follow Christ, things will go better for him.
Wednesday we went out to lunch with a member after studying all morning.  its funny cause we went out to dinner with a member too.  members love to feed us.  but sometimes its hard when people cancel, so we only taught a few lessons today.
Thursday we had weekly planning, and in the middle of it, a member offered to take us out to lunch.  we had SUSHI!  9 weeks almost to the DAY I was set apart, we had the thing I thought I was never going to have while on my mission (but sushi is way cheaper over here than at home, because the ocean isn't over 1000 miles away).  Ernesto was with us and he ordered a "shooter"  he described them to us, but i guess I looked like I wanted one so he ordered one for me.  basically its fish eggs in a shot glass full of soy sauce,and lemon juice, then they crack a raw quail egg into it, and sprinkle onions on it.  it wasn't "bad" but it was just really salty and sour.  I didn't taste the egg much though.  I also didn't get sick, so that's good.
Friday we studied all day.  its was a great day.  we went to lunch after studying.  I was ordering, and some guy came up behind us, and asked if we were the missionaries.  Hermana told him we were, as I was about to pay and he said "put your money away"  he isn't in out ward boundaries, but he and his wife love helping out the missionaries.  that was a really cool experience.  then we went over to where the little girls live.  they weren't home yet, but we visited with all of their parents, contacted new people, and we even street contacted in English.  we taught 5 lessons in about 2 hours, so that was REALLY cool.  after dinner, we sat with Rex, and he is doing better, he its wanting to do the right things. 
Saturday was really intense.  after studies and lunch, we taught the girls, then had dinner.  then when we taught Rex, he was having a really bad day.  a gang wanted to steal his dog, so he shot the ground to scare them off, and hid in his house all day thinking he was going to get arrested.  he was really scared, but we prayed with him, and then he wanted to pray.  he was so sincere, and he really wants to be doing the right thing.  it hurt to see him in such pain, but it was good for us to see that he has that desire to change.  we went home a little early, but it was a good night.  also I watched the testaments.  that was a good movie
Sunday was cool.  we had ward council, and we had a few investigators at church with us.  Rex and Yasmina with her daughters.  it was the primary program, so that was fun.  then taught a few lessons, and had dinner.  we started teaching Ernesto, and I was really the one who learned from him.  but it was good, because he is becoming more comfortable with teaching.
until next week!
~Hermana Riddle


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