Monday, October 13, 2014

Week 4

The week started of pretty normal
Monday, P-day, I almost didn't have enough time to email.  I need to learn to get faster at these things!!  walmart, carwash, the usual.  I'm determined that my companion and I are going to win something in McDonalds monopoly. :)  we brought two investigators to Noche de Hogar (FHE at a members house)
Tuesday, we had ZONE training.  so I got to meet everyone in the whole zone! there were a lot of people.  then we went around teaching a lot of people.  We even taught a part member family, where the nonmembers didnt want us to be there at all.  but it was really powerful I think. 
Wednesday we taught a bunch of people.  (its been really cool cause Alvaro has been going to all of our lessons with us after work.,  he just really wants to be a missionary again (He served in Louisiana, Spanish speaking).  but its so helpful when members go with the missionaries.  lessons are not as powerful without the testimony and fellowship of member present lessons)  we had an awkward silence at one investigators lesson.  he likes what we have to teach him, but he refuses to read the book of mormon.  its really hard to have a strong testimony if you haven't read and pondered the book of mormon though.  it is central in understanding the gospel.
sidenote.  there was a full lunar eclipse right here  in the week, and I couldnt see it!!  I saw one before my mission though, and apparently this one wasnt even the color that it was supposed to be.

Thursday we had weekly planning most of the day.  during our lessons, one of our investigators thought he was getting baptized this weekend, but we haven't taught him all the lessons, and so Alvaro had a mock interview with him, so that he would understand what he needs to know before baptism.  that was really cool.  i'm learning a lot still, but i'm starting to get the hang of this.
Friday we studied a lot.  and then went and taught all of our lessons.  we got to see diana  after her interview, and she is going to get baptized!!  I cant wait!!  i've been in charge a lot of teaching lessons, and sharing spiritual thoughts, and although its hard sometimes, I'm getting a lot better at it.  I HATE ROLE PLAYS  but they really actually do work.  kinda like the metronome in piano if you don't have an internal beat (but I do, which is why I also hate metronomes)
Saturday was AMAZING.  after studying, and lunch, we tried to contact our investigators.  we met someone on the street who was asking us amazing questions.  straight out of the pamphlets!  I cant wait to teach him.  I know we have the answers to his questions, he just needs to listen to what we have to share.  after that, we had a baptism.  IN SPANISH!  even though we taught her in english, diana wanted the service in spanish, so her parents would understand.  that was really cool!  we even had some investigators show up!  I learned a little about CTR rings too.  they remind us of baptismal covenants (in english).  Commandments, Take his name upon us, Remember him.  that was cool.  Diana's friends were so excited to see her get baptized.  I think some of them want to be baptized too! :D
Sunday was a little harder (thats what you get for having a baptism)  but it was still good.  Diana was confirmed in church.  we tried to teach a bunch of lessons, but a lot of people were busy.  but Rex came to church, and it was testimony meeting, so that was awesome.  I had to translate a little bit in relief society, but I think i'm getting better at it.  we have a full week planned ahead of us, but i'm so ready!! 

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