Monday, November 17, 2014

Week 9- November 17, 2014

This week has been so full, it feels like its been 2 weeks.

Monday we did all of our usual p-day stuff, and we also did a little clothes shopping (elders are supposed to wear the same thing every day, but sisters have to buy clothes to help vary their outfits)  then at dinner we talked with a member's less active son.  After that we taught one of our investigators and our friend invited him back over to the members house for dinner.  We had planned to have a lesson with Filemon at their house, but the less actives were still there, and our investigator was there, so we had a makeshift FHE and we all learned how to tie a tie.  It was really fun.
Tuesday we had district meeting.  We learned about how to best share a short message of the gospel.  Then we went to lunch with a bunch oof the elders.  After that we went to visit one of our members, who works at a care center.  One of the ladies there was panicking about dying, but only speeks english, and our member doesnt really speak english.  So she called us to come talk with her.  She was so cute.  She was really scared, and wouldnt sleep cause she was afraid she wouldnt wake up.  We calmed her down, and explained that she would be ok.  then we went to our other lessons, with Diana, and then to this one recent convert.  we were supposed to help her pack all her stuff, because she was going to get evicted, but instead we retaught her the word of wisdom.  after dinner, we went and taught Filemon, and basically planned his whole baptism.  then the spanish STLs (sister training leaders) showed up, and Hermana Simmons left with them, leaving me in charge of everything with Hermana Braithewaite.
Wednesday I was with her all day, because it was exchanges.  it was really awesome.  after we studied, we went around, then went to lunch with a member.  then we wandered around again, trying to talk to as many people, and especially investigators as we could.  we went back to the care center to visit with the lady, and she was asleep, but her roommate was awake so we shared with her.  then after teaching several more lessons, we went to dinner.  after dinner, we had a debriefing session, where she told me I didn't need to worry, because I knew what I was doing, and I was doing awesome.  then we taught Filemon a little about missionary work, and Hermana Simmons came back!  we taught more lessons than we planned for that day!
Thursday we had weekly planning.  we had lunch with a member and it was really cool because last time we went with her, she didn't have anything to help us with, but this time she recommended we visit a less active person Hermana Simmons didnt even know.  then we taught a few more lessons, and filemon had his interview.  so that was great.
Friday was good.  studied all morning, had lunch.  went around trying to find people to teach, taught a couple of investigators, and our recent convert, who isnt getting evicted anymore, and we shared our testimonies of the book of mormon with her.
Saturday was an exciting day.  we had mini missions for our stake.  its where the priest/laurels of the stake get paired up with a missionary companionship and they spend the day with them.  our missionary was at tryouts all morning wo we just studied like normal.  then picked up Sister Beamer.  after lunch we when to the carecenter, and the lady we were visiting was no longer on her deathbed!  she was in her chair, feeding herself some lunch.  that was really cool for us to see.  she is really inspiring.  she loved hearing our message and I hope we can help her more.  then we visited an investigator who only speaks spanish, so that was hard fopr our missionary.  then we had a baptism, so we were at the church for a while.  Filemon's baptism was beautiful, and I'm so happy for him.  after that, we had our scripture study class, and more members came.  even some investigators came!!  it was a really good day.
Sunday was just long.  we had church and that was good.  Filemon was confirmed (the only confirmations we've had in sacrament meeting since i've been here have been in spanish).  the talks were all about tithing.  then we ate with the Lopez family.  after that we had a meeting with our spanish group leaders, and planned some future activities.  when that was done we taught some lessons.  typical missionary week.
I love being a missionary, and I'm so glad to be serving the Lord.  as a last note, I just want to mention something about powerful conversion.  you may know a lot about the scriptures and stuff, but church attendance is very important.  there are a lot of people here who have been offended by people at church, and so they don't want to go.  they are letting the actions of someone else control their own eternal salvation.  we need to be truly converted to the gospel, and attend church because it is a commandment,m and because it allows us to renew pour baptismal covenant with the lord.  other people should not control us.  don't let them.  Agency is a beautiful thing.
~Hermana Riddle

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