Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Week 14 December 22, 2014 MIRACLES and Christmas

My new area is really good.  Its hard to be covering such a large area though.  Luckily we have a car.  I probably won't use my bike until summer.  We cover 2 areas, but its good to see 2 sides of town.  For the most part, I only use English.  I still sing hymns in Spanish and pray personally in Spanish, and the other day I was able to give someone a pass along card in Spanish, but not much else. 

This area is amazing though!  We have 2 people preparing for baptism this weekend.  One of them was a referral and we met with him for the first time last week.  it is amazing to see how the lord prepares people to receive his Gospel.  I know that if we put in the effort to feel the spirit, the Lord will bless us.  Without the spirit, there is no way in our right minds we would have invited that boy to be baptized a week from our first meeting.  The Lord will bless us if we put in the effort,and if we have the desire to follow his will, even though we have our own free agency.
I just wanted to bear my testimony of how powerful PRAYER can be.  The Lord wants to hear from us always.  We need to be always aware that he is there, and that the ATONEMENT is always available to us.  We can use the atonement for anything, whether its a physical pain, a spiritual pain, or even an emotional pain.  We are never truly alone.  The Lord just doesn't want to bother us, so he follows at a comfortable distance, waiting for us to turn around and come to him.  We need to make that choice though.  If we want to continue to struggle, we can keep going, and he will continue on that same path behind us.  Everyone has the opportunity to turn to him, but we choose what we want in the long run. 
I also wanted to wish every single one of you a VERY
And remember, you cant spell Christmas without Christ. 

(and in Spanish mas = more, so... MORE CHRIST!!)
~Sister Hermana Riddle
Christ is the Gift of Christmas.  #DiscoverTheGift #EmbraceTheGift

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