Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Week 18, January 19, 2014 Transfers and the Temple

I'm doing great!  I love my areas, and I'm really excited to be serving my mission.  I love helping people, and learning more about myself. 

This week:
Same old same old, teaching investigators and less actives, helping the Lord to soften hearts and inviting people to come unto Christ. We have a few really awesome investigators, and I love being able to help them experience the ATONEMENT it is the most powerful thing EVER.  I didn't really understand it before my mission, but I am learning to pray more fervently, and to utilize the fact that Jesus Christ LOVES SO MUCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!! There are not even words to describe how much he loves us.  SOMEONE DIED FOR YOU. SPECIFICALLY YOU.  whether you believe in him or not, he is there for you.  and its AMAZING.  Use that promise.  Use it to overcome EVERY trial you have, for his yolk is easy (and will guide you forward, along the straight and narrow) and his burden is light (waiting for you to load him up, and carry it WITH him.)

We got to go to the temple last Wednesday, and it was a really awesome spiritual experience.  You really do learn more each time you go, and its such a beautiful peace being in the temple brings to my soul.  There are no words to describe it, but I love it.  I feel closer to my Heavenly Father, because I am in his home, and that is the best experience.

Work hard and stay happy!
I will! I always strive to help others do the same. :)

YES its TRANSFERS and YES I'm STAYING.  I'm kinda bummed Sister Willes is leaving, because my new companion wont know the area at all, and she will rely on me a lot, but I am up for the excitement, and adventure, and can't wait to see what this new transfer will bring!
Matching Mission towels (with Sister Willes)

Proof that there is a God

Befriending the dog that wanders our complex (his name is Solo, porque solo vino)

Cool quote


I love you MORE!!!!!!

~Sister Riddle

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