Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Week 13 From a Spanish Group to 1.5 English Wards

New name tag in English

My new companion Sister Willes

Christmas Tree at the Mission office

Hermana Simmons and Hermana Riddle

Saying goodbye to Sister Riddle

Monday I basically just packed all day, because of transfers.
Tuesday we had studies and then went up to sparks for some meetings.  I went and knocked doors for an hour with 2 sisters for an hour.  then we had our transfer meeting.  My new companion is Sister Willes.  she is super awesome.  she is from Ely, Nevada.  then we went to a RS dinner, so I got to meet a lot of people.  we only cover half of that ward though.  there is a set of elders that cover the other half. 
Wednesday we went around and taught a bunch of lessons.  its weird to leave the house before lunch, and have to come back to eat, since we don't have to study as much.  it was a good day though.  we misplaced a binder for a bit, so that was a bit hard.
Thursday we had weekly planning.  we had a lot to do, since we were also given another ward.  sister Willes and I are on the same page with that one.
Friday we taught some lessons, and found our binder!!
Saturday we went to a baptism, and taught a bunch of lessons.  it was a great day.  there are some pretty weird people out in downtown at night though.. :P 
Sunday we went to one ward at 9 and another ward at 12, then we met with the ward mission leader of the new area.  they are super excited to have sisters.  I cant wait.  :)  there was also a super awesome stake Christmas devotional, so that was fun.
I am more and more excited to be in this area.   I know I will grow a lot, even though I wont be speaking much Spanish.  I cant wait to see the miracles that will happen this transfer!!
~Sister Riddle
if you havent done so yet, check out christmas.mormon.org (navidad.mormon.org)  it is a really cool website, even for members.  ther e are fun quizes and videos to watch.  I wish I had more time to explore it more fully!!

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