Thursday, September 18, 2014


Hermana Riddle has asked that I update her blog.  She has been unable to access it from the MTC, so here it is...

She entered the MTC September 3 and was very excited and nervous to go.  By the time we reached the sidewalk for her to cross into the MTC, she couldn't wait!  I sent a form letter for her to fill out with some general information and this is what she sent back.

Her companions name is Hermana Pechetto. She is from Uruguay, but grew up in Layton, Utah.  They are staying at Y View MTC and there are 4 sisters total in her apartment.  Her P-Day is Tuesday, so she only will get one.  She has enjoyed teaching "investigators".  She has been surprised by how long the classes have been, but they have kept very busy.  In the first 48 hours she ran into at least 7 people she knew.  She thought the food was "campus cafeteria food, but not bad".

She thinks her companion is awesome.  She grew up speaking spanish at home and english at school, so she sometimes forgets to speak spanish around her.  She says she speaks with an Argentinean accent.  She will be serving in Las Vegas.  Only one elder from her district was going to Reno.

She had the chance to go to the temple on Tuesday.  As she was finishing the session ready to leave, she turned around and heard the temple worker telling Sis Riddle to go to the dressing room.  It was Grandma!  She was so excited.  She gave her a big hug, and grandma says she wasn't sure she would let go.  That was a highlight.

Her birthday was Sunday September 14.  She turned 20!  she received several packages and she was excited about that!

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