Thursday, September 18, 2014

On my way to Reno

Her flight to Reno is on Tuesday, September 16 at 8:45 am.  She has to be at the main office at 4:30 am ready to go.  There are 13 elders and sisters flying with her.  She said she was allowed to call from the airport for a minute so we should be ready to hear from her around 7:30 am.  

She called and she sounded very happy to be on her way to Reno.  She was the only Spanish speaking missionary in her group.  All the others seemed to know each other, and she wasn't sure if she had a companion on the trip.  We were able to talk for a few minutes, but they ended up changing the gate number on them.  It was great to hear how happy she was and ready to go!

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